Partners? (Part Three) {(AU)Human!Connor X Android!Reader}

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It was currently 12:47 PM, and Connor was nearly an hour late for work

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It was currently 12:47 PM, and Connor was nearly an hour late for work. You couldn't wait any longer, so you decided to show up at his apartment, to see if everything was alright.

You knocked on the door, announcing yourself.

"Detective! It's me, ____!" You said.

No answer.

You knock again, still no answer. Your LED spirals into a yellow, worry filling your senses, as multiple scenarios enter your mind. But, you shake it off, causing your LED to turn back into a calm blue.

Of course, you didn't have a key, but that wasn't a problem. You pulled out a Bobby pin, and got to picking his lock.

Approximately 7.4 seconds later, you heard a click, indicating the door was now unlocked. Quietly, you enter, closing the door right behind you.

Scanning the area, you don't see any sign of Connor. The place was a real mess, though. Beer bottles and take-out containers hording the coffee table.

You adjust jacket, and head down the hallway. You opened the first door on your right. A closet.

You sigh, and close the door. You froze, hearing a faint noise. You focused on it, walking closer to it down the hallway.

It came behind a door that was cracked open. You open it slowly, walking into the dark room. The only light in the bedroom was from what was seeping from behind the blackout curtains.

You then saw the culprit of the nose. Connor. Still in a deep sleep, he was snoring. He was spread out on the large bed, with his face half shoved into the pillow, and his body tangled up in the blanket.

Humans do make weird noises. You thought.

You walk over to his unconscious body, lighting tapping his shoulder. He groans, but doesn't move. You sigh, then shake his body.

"Detective." You say softly. "You're incredibly late for work."

Connor groans into his pillow again, mumbling incoherent words.

You shake your head. Eyeing the curtains, you spark an idea. Walking over to the covered window, you open the blinds, letting daylight fill the room.

"Christ!" Connor shouts, pulling the blanket over his head.

"You have to wake up, Detective!" You say. "You're approximately 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 36 seconds late for work and counting."

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