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so i have two huge tests today

and we have a huge project later in the afternoon

and our report cards for the first quarter are going to be given out today as well

but then when i woke up abt thirty mins ago my body didn't feel right

i was getting chills, the bed felt too warm and it was as if smth was crawling up my throat

i took my temperature

37 degrees celsius

a slight fever

but i can't miss these tests

and the stuff im going to bring are essential to the project

but i feel like throwing up

my head isn't steady

food tastes like cardboard

but i have to really go to school today

maybe it's because of the fact ive either been getting four or twelve hrs of sleep for the last couple of weeks

or that my grades in math were barely passing

but i just dont feel well

and i think i need to run to a toilet and throw up there

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