William’s POV

Shit, I could smell that bitch a mile away, what the hell is she doing here? No one come to our lands uninvited unless they have a death wish.

“What’s the situation William” Sam said through the mind link the pack shared.  

It’s a lone she-wolf I think there is another one with her but this one is young, mostly like younger than 16.”

Shit he is not going to like this and you know it, suck to be you.”

“Sam shut the fuck up before I kill you” I growled, stupid pup.

“Calm down man!”

“Go away!” But he does have a point James is not going to take the news very well. If there is a she-wolf here that means her pack is not too far behind.

“Where is James? I need to speak with him” I yelled at the first pack member that I found.

“He went for a run he did not say when he would be back.”

“Damn it I gave him one simple job to do watch over the pack, not go running around!” I growled out to the random pack member whose name I have not bothered to remember. Fucken kid is going to drive me crazy he is so dead when I see him.

“William I’m here so no need to get violent. What did mom tell you about punching the walls?”

Ops, I did not even relies I punched the wall “brother about time, and what did I tell you about living the pack house while I’m gone?” I replied in a bored voice.

“I’m the Alpha of this Pack not you. I can do as I please!” James said in his alpha voice. The alpha voice is what gives James the power to control the pack no pack member can resist doing what he says when he uses his alpha voice, no one back me.

“Don’t use the tone of voice on me, I’m older then you so I get to tell you what to do weather you like it or not, and please remember dear brother who is the true alpha of this pack. Now come we have business to discuses.”  With that I walked away from a pale looking James and walking into his office. His  office had a simple sent up in the middle of the room was a dark brown with two black leather chairs in front and red chair behind. To the right of the desk, was a large bookshelf that took up half the wall. To the left was a silver fireplace that took up the entire wall. Walking into the office I took a seat behind the desk which is where James usually sits.

“Ok Will what is this ‘business we have to discuses’ I have other matters to attend to.”

“Right to it I see, ok well here is it, there’s a lone she=wolf in your territory it seems that her pack is not here with her or she has no pack. I can tell there is one other wolf with her but this one is young has not even shifter. Now dear brother what are you going to do about this? You know that if she does have a pack that they will be along shortly and the alpha will try to challenge you. James, are you alright?” James looked sick like he was going to vomit all over me, he better hold it in. After a few minutes of silence James finally spoke.

“Do you think this she-wolf is here to spy on the pack?” James asked.

“No shit, why else would she be here? I know you are not the best fighter out there, but we have one of the strongest packs in the world so don’t think that one shying bitch changes all that.  All you have to do is come up with a plan to get rid of her before the rest of her pack shows up.” I really hate when other wolfs try to take your pack, damn those hungry power ass holes making my like harder.

“Well that would you do Will since you seen to know it all” James spat.

“My dear brother, you are the Alpha of this pack so it’s up to you… but if it was up to me –“

“Well you’re not!!!” James yelled “here’s what we will do, we will hold off all attacks until we know why she is here and what it is she wants. And if she is here trying to spy on my pack then I will kill her to show her alpha that you can’t mess with my pack. I need others to respect me like they did father and mother.”

“What about the children that are with her surly you do not plan on killing them do you?”

“I don’t see why not, if they want to send woman and children into my lands to spy then they need to be prepared to pay the price.”

“Sounds good to me to when will dinner be ready?”

“For you, dear brother dinner will just have to wait I have a job I need you to do tonight since you could not be bothered to do it yesterday when I asked.” James said as an evil grim came across his face.

“I’m not in the mood brother; mother can wait till tomorrow I don’t want to go watch a movie with her tonight.”

“Too bad I told her you were coming and you know how she gets when you go back on your word.”





Maggie’s POV


Emma is asking for a beating. Not even a minute after we got into the house Emma ran out saying some garbage about the house being so old that you can’t even breathe because it will fall down on you. Which is not true at all the house is brand new it’s just dusty.

“Maggie I wanna go home,” a small voice whispered from behind me were Lily and Katy were standing in the doorway.

“We are home silly, this is our new home.” I tried to sound cheerful. “Why did you leave the van? It’s cold in here. Come on; let’s go get ready for bed.”

“Maggie” Katy called.

“What’s up kiddo?”

“I don’t wanna sleep by myself; I’m having scary dreams again.” She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes that were quickly filling with tears.

Oh these scary dreams are starting to kill me! They’ve been going on for the past few months. Katy would wake up in the middle of the night and come to my bed telling me she had a ‘scary dream.’  But no matter how many times I ask, she just can’t seem to tell me what her dream was about.

“Of course you can.” I smiled down at them, “How about you and Lily share my room for a little while? How’s that sound?”

“Yay! I wanna sleep with Emma” The girls called out at the same time, as if they were connected.

“Ha ha ok well why don’t you two go explore until bedtime, Ok?”

“Ok” Lily yelled as she took off running around and looking into everything she could open while Katy followed looking just as excited now.


Three hours that’s how long it took to move all the boxes inside and find the blankets and pillows. I glanced at the clock; it showed the time to be two in the morning. Lily and Emma were sound asleep in a room down the hall that Emma had chosen, while Katy and I were snuggled close in my room. The room was huge, it had a walk in closet and its own bathroom there was a sliding glass door that leads to the back yard which, I could see needed some work.

“Maggie, do you think I will make lots of new friends?”

“Katy, I thought you were asleep, and of course you will make new friends. Why do you ask?”

“Emma said that there are going to be no cool people to be friends with and that no one is going to want to be my friend.”

“Katy don’t listen to Emma she is just mad about the move. And baby girl you are only four and I’m sure there are going to be a lot of kids that will want to be your friend” I am really going to have to talk to Emma about the thing she is telling the kids.

“I’m scared” Katy said in a little voice.

“I know it’s going to be all right” I said as I wrapped my arms around her, hoping that it would in fact be alright. Katy was my little girl; it had only been a year since I took on the roll of being her mom, their mom. “Now go to sleep Katy. In the morning we’ll shopping and unpack all our boxes, maybe you and Lily can build a fort” she giggled at the thought and soon she was fast asleep and so was I.


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