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Waking up was a disaster for Alex. It was dark as hell in the room, his eyes were still hurting from the smoke from yesterday, his burns hurt, throat was dry and he felt like he was burning again. His clothes were literally sweated through. He felt horrible. Was he sick? Only it was missing for happiness now. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and closed eyes. His chest and head ached and he couldn't take a deep breath, and soon began coughing loudly. Great, the smoke inhalation was showing up just now, when nobody is around and when a good time from the incident had already passed!
Luckily for the boy, Gaster came to check on him soon to see him with breath shortness, red, like from smoking marijuana, eyes and in a bath of his own sweat. And actually, even the scientist didn't understand why were the symptoms coming up only now.

-Is Mike... Doing better?-

Alex dared to ask.

-He is completely fine, the healing magic applied so good that I didn't even need to operate. But just like you he woke up with fever. He caught an easy infection from the rust of the bullet.-

That was relieving enough and Alex felt emotionally stable again before coming to realization that he'll definitely be questioned why was he shooting on the first place. But he knew why he was doing it, but not certain that everybody will believe something this weird. 'I saw a demon standing in the fire in the kitchen. Why did I run into the fire? I dunno, why did I?' GENIUS. Now he understood Chara's mind well enough to say that she was the sanest of the insane. He did something stupid, dangerous and didn't even understand what lead him to do it, and she, unlike him, always had a reason for doing all the stupidity she did.

Alphys peeked into the room where Mike was staying. The moment he heard her entering, he jolted up, and not recognising the monster in front of him, he crawled into the dark corner of the room. His emerald green eyes looked frightened enough to frighten Alphys that she frightened him, and they both were staring at each other with the uncomfortable feeling until Alphys remembered what she came here for when her scanner for souls fell out of the pocket of her lab coat. The device made Mike flinch and he closed his eyes, covering his head. Alphys got even more nervous.

-H-h-h-hi! I-I-I'm Alphys! Y-you're Mike, cor... Correct?-

She mumbled, picking up the device. She tried to sound as friendly as possible, comprehending that the boy most likely had a problem with new people. Mike slowly lifted his head, still covering it with shaking hands. Alphys approached him slowly and carefully, as if she was approaching a bomb attached to a kitten to take the kitten without exploding the world. Mike slowly lifted himself up from the floor on shaking legs and sat down on the bed again, pulling his knees up to chin and hugging them. He looked just like when monsters surrounded him after he fell down, scared and attacked. Alphys confronted him, looking into the foggy green eyes of the boy.

-I-is it okay if I see your... Soul? Don't worry, i-it won't hurt, I just want to know if it's healthy...-

She asked carefully. Mike tipped his head a bit, his look no less frightened than before.

-Can I?-

Alphys began reaching the device to him and he leaped back. Finally he began mumbling something, but the only thing Alphys made out was "Cameron".
The poor scientist lizard walked out of the room, at the same time as Gaster did of the other.

-I'm afraid Alex will have to stay here for a long time. He is showing all symptoms of smoke inhalation.-

The head of the Royal scientists said. Alphys didn't listen.

-G-gaster, the boy is afraid... Of me.-

She mumbled.

-Hm? Oh, yes. I had assumed this could happen. He's very sensitive and appears to have a problem communicating with people.-

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