6: Confusion

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Officer Rosa looks at the person in shock, while Jungkook just stands there frozen.

"Wait, what?!" Officer Rosa nearly yells, the person flinches.

"Arrest me! Don't shoot! Please, I have information!" they repeat, voice getting more and more desperate by the second.

"Then drop any and all weapons you have on you." Jungkook growls. The person complies and drops a gun, a few knifes, and a concealed pistol.

"Is that all you have?" Jungkook asks in suspicion, normally people like this have many more weapons.

"Yes, I swear." the person replies, holding their arms out once again.

Jungkook watches as Officer Rosa slowly approaches the person, handcuffs in hand. She walks up and says, "Place your hands behind your back."

The person complies and finally looks up. It's a boy that looks around 15 or 16 years old. He and Officer Rosa carefully handcuff the boy and escort him to Jungkook's cruiser.

Officer Rosa put him inside the back of Jungkook's cruiser before shutting the door, and headed back to her cruiser.

"Good luck with him, Officer Jeon. Let's hope he doesn't pull a weapon on you while you drive." she joked.

Jungkook chuckled before replying, "Right, I'll make sure that doesn't happen."

Jungkook jumped inside the front seat and started the car, checking the back seat every few seconds to check on the person in the back.

The person was just sitting there, seemingly just bored and just there. He didn't look up, or out the window, he just looked down the entire ride.

When they finally arrived at the station, two other officers came out to get the boy out of the cruiser and into a cell before any harm could be done.

Though, Jungkook thought that the boy couldn't do any harm at all. The boy seemed emotionless, or at least very unwilling to talk to anyone.

After writing a simple report about the incident, Jungkook placed it in an empty file, named unknown, and put it in his drawer. He made sure to lock it and also checked the windows for good measure.

No one was getting in like that again, not on Jungkook's watch.

Then, Jungkook decides to go visit the boy in the cells. He wanted to see him again, and possibly question him a bit.

Because this boy had confused Jungkook so much, that Jungkook couldn't focus on his task without thinking of the boy's intentions, or possibly, his intended purpose.

Once again updating in the hours of the night, sorry if this chapter was a bit short (only 400 words) I updated 2 stories today so I'm just going to shorten this a bit.



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