Chapter 13

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Tilly's POV

It had been a month since Harry had given me the news and every time I looked down at my growing belly my mind filled with duiscust, even though it was my own child, I couldn't help but hate it purely because of it's father.

I knew that Harry had done this before, I knew exactly what had happened to Amelia, that she had committed suicide upon receiving the news and to be Frank, it doesn't seam that bad of an idea. I had contemplated the subject for a while now.

No. I have to much to live for. Family, friends, the cheerleading squad, all no doubtedly searching high and low for me and praying for my safe return. Even after all this time.

I have to live for them.

And then a thought that I'd never expected I would consider went through my head.

I have to live for my baby.

I never belived in abortion and didn't intend to inhumanly kill someone, everyone deserves a chance at life, even if their father is a psychotic freak.

Even if their father is a kidnapping, abusive, sadistic freak.

I suddenly felt a pang of guilt for the life growing inside of me. I always wanted to have kids, and wanted to give them the best life they could imagine.

Just like any other person I had dreams, just because I was under Harry's control didn't mean that I couldn't aspire to be somebody in regular society. To be free.

But of course I knew that that was never going to happen.

Freedom seemed world's away from the life that I was currently living. Amelia had it lucky, Harry praised her as she was some sort of goddess or angel, he treated me as a worthless peice of shit on the bottom of his shoe.

I fantisesed the idea of freedom more than I should; my dreams would surely drive me insane. I'm almost positive they already have.

There were questions puzzling Me though, there were multiple questions vexing me and I couldn't contain my curiosity any longer.


What was the purpose of my kidnapping? Why was I here? Why does Harry want me pregnant? Just why?

I was being driven insane by the questions perplexing my mind and were going to need answers soon to cease my mental tourture.

That's his plan. He can't hurt my baby so he's going to mentally drive me insane.

Well I was going to show him that I wasn't afraid of nobody, especially him.

Especially Harry.

I clambered out of his bed and trudged out of the room, a wave of anger rushed over me and I hated Harry more than ever in those few seconds of rage.

I marched down the corridor and lost my footing, I tipped down the stairs and hit the wall with a hard bumb, for a while I just laid there, paralyzed with shock, my limbs lay helplessly on the cold floor, sprawled out in the most most uncomfortable position.

Then before drifting into unconsciousness, I heard the screams of agony coming from Harry, then I panicked at the mentioning of blood. I never considered how dangerous that fall would of been for the life inside me I just selfishly blacked out, unaware of my current situation.

That day I lost my baby, I knew the fall was fatal, but I completely forgot about my baby, being pregnant was such a foreign concept to me.

Harry was not pleased.

Pfft what was I thinking? I didn't care if he was PLEASED or not!

I should of, I really really should of.

He seemed more pissed than ever and it really should of tried to prevent him from being so distraught and then maybe my fate would of changed.

The next day Harry killed Tilly, to him she was completely useless without the child she carried.

Tilly's family held an empty cascet funeral for her once her police status changed from abducted to deceased three months later.

The whereabouts of Tilly's body is unknown still to this day; Well only one person knows where she is, Harry.

Burried next to Amelia lay the second victim of Harry's wrath. But the one question is, who's next?

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