three. daydreaming

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renjun pov


Day two of admiring the boys in front of me and today we were working on our projects.

I had told the teacher what I planned on doing and she thought it would look lovely. She didn't know the real meaning behind it though.

It was going to be of two boys sitting side by side, their mouths smiling but their eyes covered with flowers that reflected their souls and personalities.

The one on the left would have black hair and calliopsis covering his eyes as in Portuguese they are called margarida, having a meaning close to the sun and happiness in general.

The one on the right would have light brown hair and lavender covering his eyes, as lavender means devotion and virtue. In the color purple has a more elegant and serene tone and are considered more precious. It's also linked to calmness and serenity.

And all around the painting there would be little flecks of jasmine flowers. They are tiny but stubborn and considered bearing of luck and purity, but also can mean pure love.

I chose these as I felt that the two boys in front of me and their matching flowers were perfect for each other; Jeno's constant happiness radiating from him like the sun, Jaemin's bright smile and eyes elegance and the jasmine reflected my pure love for the both of them but my slight stubbornness at the same time.

There would be other flowers decorated around it and the background colour would be one that complimented the other. It would be done in oil paints and it would be the hardest painting I've ever worked on.

We had a triple class today so I spent one of those classes ignoring everything going on around me and sketched out my idea on a large canvas until I was happy then, I got up and went to the counter to get the oil paints I needed.

When I turned around I looked up from my palette of cool tones to where I was sitting but my eyes focused on the two in front of my seat.

Jaemin had one eye closed and was examining his drawing to make sure it was prefect. Jeno was still sketching and had his tongue sticking out as he concentrated. Cute.

Jaemin put down his paintbrush and turned around to look at my painting. His eyes widened a little and he nudged Jeno and told him to turn around.

Jeno turned and gazed at the drawing with impression in his eyes and they smiled at each other before writi-

'Huang Renjun are you listening to me?' I heard a call.

I jolted back from my daydream to see my teacher staring sternly at me standing gazing at the two boys.

'Sorry Miss.' I whispered slightly and bowed my head.
'Please stop looking at Jeno and Jaemin like that and sit down.' She looked over her glasses, a habit she seemed to do a lot when around me now.

Upon hearing their names Jeno and Jaemin instinctively looked up from their work and at the teacher before realising what was happening and looking at me.

They both laughed a little and Jeno shook his head before going back into a state of deep concentration.

My cheeks flamed red and I walked back to my seat with the rest of the classes whispers and gazed following me like hawks.

I reached my seat and found two notes on the stool, one folded neatly the other half balled up.

I unfolded the balled up one first and read what it had to say and let's just say it wasn't the nicest thing anyone could have ever said.

"You're so gay, I hope you rot."

I ignored its message like the strong person I am and unfolded the second note. It was written in blue and black pen, two different styles of writing. The first message in blue pen said;

"your painting is really pretty"

The second written below in neat little black writing said;

"not as pretty as you though :)"

And then at the bottom it was signed "l.jn &". The first set of initials were written in black pen and the second in blue which gave away who wrote what.

After reading that note my heart beat so fast it leaped straight out of my chest and slapped me in the face gracing me with a bright pink blush on my cheeks.

I smiled to myself and all thoughts of that first note vanished and turned into thoughts of the two pretty boys in front of me who is already fallen deeply in love with despite never having spoken to them before.

I began painting with my oil paints but with every stroke another blissful thought came into my head.

Sometimes when I think like this I think that there is so much love in my heart that it feels so full sometimes and I think that one day it might spill and flood the whole world.

The rest of the class flew past and I began to pack up and as I walked out of the classroom and last their place in front of me, Jaemin turned around at the same time that I was walking past and he ended up walking right into me.

'Oh Renjun I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.. I wasn't looking.., I'm sorry.. oh god.' He was flustered and buried his hands in his face, smiling slightly.

Jeno hit him playfully on the back and laughed at him.

My heart fell out of my chest and onto the floor where it started dancing happily at my feet.

It didn't really do that but that's what it felt like to me.

I smiled shyly, trying to hide just how flustered I was and how my mind was screaming at how beautiful they were.

'It's okay.' I shrugged before smiling and turning away.

'Fuck he's cute.' I heard Jaemin sigh as I walked away.

Goddamn Renjun, how did you get so lucky?

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