Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing

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These are questions you should ask yourself while writing. I didn't ask myself these questions and it resulted in me deleting about 5 books in the past few months because I was bored writing them and everything was honestly boring, bad and dreadfully cringy. I didn't write with passion. I just wrote for the heck of it. And it ruined my books. These are the questions you should ask yourselves while writing :

" would I read this if it was in a library?"

" Am I writing from the heart?"

" Am I enjoying what I'm writing?"

" Am I over thinking?"

" Do I need a break?"

" Am I interested in what I'm doing?"

" Am I entertained while writing this?"

" Are the characters likeable? "

" Are the characters realistic? "

" Am I writing with emotions? "

" Am I putting effort into this? "

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