when you move in

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Sipping on your warm tea,you scroll through the Apartments.com app on your phone. Searching for a new start since your ex-boyfriend decided to get you taken off his lease of his condo. Occasionally glancing up at people as they come in and out the door at the coffee shop,letting the cold fall air rush in. Giving up,and accepting the fact you are gonna have to move back in with your parents.

A burst of cool air comes in,as you put your coat onto leave. Papers blowing everywhere, one lands on your table. Curiosity gets to you,and you read the notice paper. Upon reading you see it says "roommate needed". Instantly grabbing your attention. As you continue to read the listing of what could be your new home tonight you see a phone number at the bottom.

Leaving the shop,and sitting on a bench in the park. You call the number. The line rings a few times. No answer. Not wanting to give up,you call again. Like the first time. No answer. 10 minutes of calling made you more and more frustrated. Placing the paper in your pocket,and walking in defeat to your ex's apartment for your things. Knocking on the door he answers,and lets you in.

Ex:back for your things?

Y/N: what do you think? I'm not here for a friendly chat.

Ex:look just hurry up,my girlfriend is coming by and I don't want a fight between you two.

Y/N:like I care about her feelings,because you certainly didn't care about mines when you cheated with her

Ex:really? Y/N I don't have time for this.

Y/N:seriously,you don't have time for this? Then maybe you shouldn't have done what you did!!! Let me get out of here,you're not worth my time anymore.

While throwing your things into boxes,and a suitcase you phone rings. The number is one you don't recognize,but you answer it anyway.

Y/N: hello?

???:hi,um someone called my number like 20 times

Y/N:20 times?

???:yes, was it for the roommate listing?

It clicks in your head,that you called that number a bunch of times.

Y/N:oh,wait....um it was me i'm sorry. It's just that I called,and no one answered.

???:oh,my phone was off,and on charge. I apologize,when do you want to move in?

Y/N: how's this afternoon?

???:um.....as long as it's before 11pm. There is a noise ordinance after 11,and I don't want to pay a fine.

Y/N:not a problem,my name is Y/N by the way.

???: I'm Taehyung,guess i'll see you soon

Y/N: great,see you soon. Bye!


You hang up smiling,and actually happy that something is working in your favor. 1 hour later you've finished packing,and called your sister to come pick you up. She tells you she'll be there in 10 mins. You roll your suitcase to the living room to wait for your sis. While waiting you notice a coat,and purse on the couch. Immediately you hear your ex's new girlfriend laughing in the kitchen with him. Hoping she won't come out,and start anything with you.

Thankfully you see your sis pull up,and hop out of her car. You buzz her up,and she knocks on the door. You open it,she walks in,and hugs you. You only have a few boxes,plus your suitcase. The rest of you things are in a storage locker you set up 2 weeks ago. Before you leave he comes out to apologize.

Y/N: too little,too late. Go back to who you really want. I'm done.

You take off the necklace he gave you for your 1 year anniversary,and place it in his hand. He looks at you,stunned that you took it off for the first time since he gave it to you. Turning away from him with your suitcase,you close the door behind you.

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