Currently right now me Blake and Margret are flying to Cali for Blake's brother wedding.

"Omg were like the only ones on this plane is this what it feels like to be be rich and famous flying first class. And Blake if you have another brother I swear I will marry him, because I can definitely get use to this?" Margaret says smiling at the big screen t.v and eating the complimentary grapes.

Margaret is such a gold digger. I was just happy I had a window seat and no winy kid kicking the back of my chair. And by the way this chair was so comfortable.

"omg the chair vibrates!" Margaret screams, she was acting like a kid in the candy store.

I look over to Blake to see him on his phone

"what are you doing Blake?" I ask him

he looks up at me from his phone and says" um nothing just texting my parents to pick us up from the airport"

"oh OK , how long before we land" I ask curious

Blake looks down at his watch " um in about an hour give or take " he says

"kk" I reply.

well i might as well take a nap.


"Wake up ,wake up were in Cali! " Margaret screams in my ear as she violently shakes me.

"OK, OK i'm up!" I say rubbing my eyes.

We then proceeded to get our luggage's and then headed out. I have no idea how it's going to be like to meet Blake parents and i'm so scared. I mean what if they don't like me. What if they think i'm not good enough for Blake. I know that were not really together and its all fake but his parents dosen't know that.

then all the sudden i feel a hand on my shoulder and i look up to see its Blake

"You don't have to worry by the way i'm sure my parents will love you" he says smiling down at me.

" its easy for you to say your not the one who has to be doing all the impressing" i say as we look around the airport trying to find his parents even though i have no idea what they look like. Wait no i'm lying i know what his dad looks like but not his mom.

" oh there they are". Blake says pointing to two older couple both in dress suits. wow this is even more intimidating i feel like i'm about to go to a job interview. The two couple looked so professional. Blake dad was standing next to Blake's mom who looked different from from Blake except for the fact they had the same hazel brown eyes and brown hair. But she was really beautiful and looked a little young to be Blake's mom. As we got closer and closer to them the more nervous I got.

"Hey mom and dad" bake sad hugging his parents

"And you must be Rebekah. your definitely not the type of girl i imagined Blake coming home with" blake mom says looking at me from head to toe before giving me a small hug.

I look down at myself a realized that I didn't even think to change into something presentable. I had on sweat pants and a sweat shit that had drool on it from when i fell asleep on the plane.

I just smiled at her and said " it's so grate to finally meat you too Blake has told me so much about you" I said trying to not let her comment get the best of me.

I turn to blake's dad to say hello but his phone suddenly rings and he holds his hand up to keep me from speaking

" sorry but I have to take this" he quickly says before answering the phone.

Lets just say i have a feeling they don't like me.

I know this was a short chapter but don't worry I'm going to update on Monday. Make sure like and comment OK don't be a stranger and don't be afraid to show some love lol.xoxox

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