Books I Recommend You Read ASAP

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Mr and Mrs Accidental by @DamnthatSass

Handcuffs, kisses and awkward situations by @LovelyLivvi

#Fatgirl magic @ClaireKann

Bullied by @VeraMicic

The good girl's bad boys by @RubixCube89201

The cell phone swap by @DoNotMicrowave

She's with me by @AvaViolet

My Wattpad love by @cold_lady19

The bucket list by @NeveAdams

27 percent by @livflower

The president's daughter by @xoxomysteriousgirl

Big boned by @JoWatson_101

Mr Popular and I by @thefreakofffreaks

Three And a half good legs by @titanically_

The bad boy and the Tom boy by @nikki20038

My brother's best friend by @knightsrachel

The bad boy's girl by @JessGirl93

In 27 days by @Honorintherain

Diary of Hazel @Chloe_Kaydee_x

Tyler's gem by @TwinziHasan

A kiss for clumsy by @izzyBae20

Lonely Hearts by @Bookwriter2121

Last Breaths by @Bookwriter2121

Chasing red by @isabellaronin ( if that's how you spell it XD)

I sold myself to the devil for vinyls... Pitiful... I know by @Darknessandlight

These are some of my favorite and reccomemded books. Of course I have a lot more, but whenever I think of my favorite books, these just pop into my mind. You should totally read them.

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