Part 9

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I’m not gonna even delay this. Read on.

Part 9

I dragged the perfectly decapitated animal through the desert, following the perfectly lighten path from feet maybe hours ago. The walk back to camp had me reflecting on how all these personas grew into my head. The sad part about it is, I never thought my name would be earned from what I have been through. I thought I would have been given the chance to choose it. I mean shit, now that I think about it, they all are in my head with nicknames and shit but I never got the chance to find out what their true names were. The literal order from which they were created in my head was Jester, then 3G and Intel, Dark and Roids, Saiga, then finally out of sheer irony, Light. They all have some sort of effect on my life because of those stupid council I hold in my head when all hope is lost. Each of them had their own part of my life from which they entered. I guess the best thing to do is start at the beginning.

Part A: Jester the Comedic Pscycho

I could see the memory clearly in my view as if it happened earlier this morning. It was a couple of days after I had been sent into the wilderness to pass the test to become whatever the fuck I am now. I was starving and still in shock from watching my sister die in front of me. There was no remains and no chance for me to find the mother fucker who did it. Long story short I was shit outta luck and nothing I did could ever change that horrible fact. I was cold even though the blaring heat of the sun was hitting my now singed body. I could barely see what was going on in front of me. I had double vision and a pounding headache. It felt something like a cruel hangover. You know, the one that leaves you staggering and searching for something to make the pain subside. My throat was sore and burning. Aching and craving for something cold to relieve its pain. There was nothing in sight and I had a feeling that nothing would be for a very long time. I trudged from what felt like one end of the earth to the next and fell to the ground. My legs no longer able to withstand my weight. Worse was I knew I was going to die out in the seemingly distant desert. . . I was happy though. I would soon be reunited with my family and no longer feel the pain that ached me so much that I wanted to grab a jagged edge rock and carve into my skin til I could feel my heart. Then id rip it from beneath my ribs and watch as it beat with great urge for blood, only to find none flowing.

“You might have more fun with it shoved up your ass . . . if you know what I’m saying hahahahah,” a voice said in the distance.

“Who . . . who are you.”

“Oh no one special really. Just something that resides in the back of your mental. Let’s just say I can make you laugh at some of the most fucked up shit you could ever see. Now, Get up. If you die, I’m afraid I’d have to go with you. That being said get up lazy ass hahahaha.”

“I . . . I can’t. My legs can’t carry me anymore and I’m about ready to just say fuck this and fuck my life. My family is gone, my life has turned from decent to utter shit, and what’s worse is I’m going to die alone. Huge emphasis on alone. Just leave me here to die so I can be with my family.”

“OK just a couple of statements that I think you should before you decide to go and off yourself. First, I live inside of you so if you die, and before I go and let you kill me I’d rather have large anal beads shoved through my ass and mouth. Second, if you think I’m gonna die a virgin then you are sadly mistaken. I have plans for pussy in my life and I’m not gonna have you ruin it. Not now, not ever, so since I’m more agitated then I normally am, I’d say you get your sweet ass up and drink from the oasis ahead. Any other suicidal thoughts you dick? To believe, he thought he was gonna kill me. ME. The Great Jester. Before that happens you’d have to suck my newly reaper dick asshole.”

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