Chapter 4

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Lauren's POV:

        "Okay, I wanna go first!" Dinah told us. I nodded and the other three did as well. "Lauren, truth or dare?" She asked me. I hate Dinah's dare so I will go with truth.


        "Do you have a crush on someone?" I thought about this. Camila is the only one that knows about my Ally crush.

        "Yes, I do." Dinah smirked. She looked to Ally and winked and Ally glared at her.

        "Your turn Lo!" Camila said. Ally was snuggled into my side.

        "Um, Camz, truth or dare?" She looked at me and smiled. She loved dares so she will probably pick dare.

        "Dare, duh!" She replied and flipped her hair. We all laughed. I thought really hard about what dare I could do for Camila. I suck at coming up with dares.

        "I dare you to not wear a bow all of spring break." I said and smirked. She looked at me and got serious.

        "No! I can't do that. My bows will miss me. Can i do truth instead?"

        "Is Karla Camila Cabello walking out of a dare?" Mani asked. Camila looked to her. Dinah, Ally, and I were laughing our butts off.

        "Fine. But only during spring break! I can wear them this weekend right? And tonight?" I shook my head.

        "From now until spring break ends.Good one Lauren!" Ally said. Camila looked at me and glared at me. I just smiled.

        "Truth or dare Mani?" Camila turned her attention to Normani.

        "Truth!" I laughed. Mani is such a wimp! But I also said truth, it was Dinah's dare though!

        "HAVE YOU AND ARIN DONE IT?" Camila asked, excitedly. We all had our eyes on Manibear, waiting for her respond. She put her face in her hands.

        "Come on Mani! It's a truth!" Ally said, trying to pry Normani to tell us.

        "No." Was all we heard. Plus it was muffled.

        "It's okay, you will get there!" I replied to her. She smiled a little.

        "Okay Mani!" Dinah said.

        "Dinah, truth or dare? Dare? Okay!" Normani said quickly. Dinah nodded.

        "I dare you to kiss Camila for 10 seconds!" Ally and I ooooed. Dinah looked at Camila and Camila stared at Dinah.

        "That has to be okay with Camila dawg!" Dinah replied, breaking her gaze from Camila, taking it to Normani. Camila got up and walked over to Dinah.

        "Shut up and kiss me!" She said to Dinah. Dinah looked at Camila, wildy. Before she could respond, Camila had her lips pressed onto Dinah's. We all counted down from ten. We hit one and Camila walked out of the room.

        "What? Was I that bad?" DInah asked. I shook my head. Camila had told them that she had had her first kiss but in reality, she hasn't and now she has.

        "I'll be right back. I'm going to go check on her okay?" They all nodded.

Camila's POV:

        I ran upstairs and out the front door, taking a seat on the front step. I heard the door close and open, praying it's not Dinah. Lauren sat next to me and pulled me into a hug.

        "She was my first kiss, LoLo!" I whimpered into her chest, tears streaming down my face. She rubbed my back.

        "I know baby, I know. You did it though." She told me in a whisper. I nodded pulling away. She reached up and wiped my tears.

        "I know I did Lo! It wasn't bad but I just can't believe that I kissed one of my best friends and it was my first kiss! I wasn't thinking!" I told her and started crying again. She pulled me close again. I calmed down.

        "Hey, listen, you wanna know who my first kiss was?" She asked. I giggled; I already knew and who she kissed is way worse than mine.

        "I already know!" I said and laughed again. She chuckled again.

        "Yeah, Keaton was way worse than Dinah babe." She replied kissing my forehead.

        "I'm glad you're my best friend." I said and then added, "No, my sister!" I pulled away and smiled, wiping the rest of the tears away. She smiled.

        "Same Camz, same. Let's go back inside okay?" I nodded my head.

Ally's POV:

        Lauren and Camila come walking back inside and Camila had been crying, it was noticeable. Dinah got up and walked over to Camila pulling her into a hug. "I am so sorry. I should've made sure you wanted to, I would've said no!" Camila shook her head but hugged her back.

        "No,it's okay. I wanted to. It's just, you were my first kiss." Camila replied. Normani gasped and I looked up from my phone.

        "Camila Cabello! Why didn't you tell me? Us? You told us you did!" Dinah said, referring to the time we played Truth or Dare and Camila was asked if she had her first kiss yet and she repliedwith yes.

        "I felt ashamed. Lauren knew. She knews every freaking thing. She reads my mind." Camila replied looking at Lauren and rolling her eyes. Lauren laughed.

        "I am your best friend Camz. Of course I know everything. I can read you like a hawk!" Lauren replied. I admired Lauren's beauty. Her long, beautiful hair. ALLY STOP!

        "I love you DMac, nothing changes okay?" Mila asked. Dinah nodded and pulled Camila in for another hug. Camila went and sat down right next to Mani, where she was before. Dinah sat down to the right of me and Lauren sat down and pulled me into her lap, giving me a quick kiss on the forehead. I leaned into her chest.

        "Aw! Alren!" Normani said. I blushed and so did Lauren.

        "Okay dawgs! What do you wanna do?" Dinah asked, getting serious.

        "Um, how about we watch a movie?" Lauren threw out the idea. I nodded my head and everyone agreed.

Camila's POV:

        Everone feel asleep during the movie. We were watching "The Notebook," which I love this movie so I am still up. I look around to see who is still up and who is sleeping. I see that Ally and Lauren are cuddled together and I quietly get up and run upstairs and grab my phone, seeing a text from Taylor, Lauren's sister.


        I smiled and laughed a little. I decided I would text her in the morning. I brought my phone downstairs and observed that everyone was still sleeping. I went over to Lauren and Ally and snapped a pic. My flash was on and Lauren started moving. I went over to where I was laying before and grabbed the remote, turning on The Fault In Our Stars and slowly drifted to sleep.


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