Do forgive this author

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Okay, now, let's get into business!

I am sorry for not updating, trust me I really do care for this book especially when I see new readers commenting and voting for this cringe of a book.

Therefore, they really motivate me to actually push my homework away, grab my phone and write!! Like, I have tons of schoolwork, but meh, I have time to do them, since I'm in the mood to write.

For the winners, I'm sorry I lost all the data especially for those who LINE-ed me, because my LINE restarted and I lost the infos about your OC. Please PM me for the infos, again I'm sorry. Mxmii03 pembechiru araa_ra08

And one thing, can you guys help me- sorry, I mean my brother win a writing event? He used my account for writing his story, and sometimes read stories using my account and username. So if you see me commenting and voting, it might not be me😂😂😂

The book title is : Gusion x Lesley Oneshots.

Here's the link :

Skip to the very last chapter, and vote for number 8 with a this ❤ emoji. Thank u!

Fyi, it ain't me who wrote that! He's just using my account, because he's addicted to the MOBA game Mobile Legends, ML for short. It's really popular in Indonesia.. like very popular..

Anyway, if no one haven't told u today, U ARE BEAUTIFUL, VALID, PRETTY AND A POTATO! 😚😚😚😚

Damn I love my readers, I promise to update tomorrow!

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