14 - Revelation

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The crows took the sky.

Flying towards the impasse like they could hear a summon meant only for them. By now, news of the celestial cloak against the evils in the Lycan territory had spread, and both mystics and mundanes began the journey to the only refuge that remained against the multitude of wraiths, raglogs, and demons that had taken Rebrook by storm.

The only real hassle was making it past the middle of the city where the evils had set up camp, to the settlement near the outskirts of town.

Martha climbed down from the black throne in the great hall of the vampire sanctuary echoing the memories of their forgotten fallen, to the ones the mundanes called the Jefferson's.  They had existed in the place between the planes for eons, that they were out of the in-between now troubled her. What troubled her more was that they were not confronting the council now, they stood before the Crofts with news of Ian.

"I scoured the ends of the bloody earth in search of druids for five long years. Believe me, if they existed I would have found them," Sarah dismissed from Steven's side. "They are but tales to scare mystics who fall out of line, nothing else."

"I bet Ian would beg to differ right now," Rafael returned with a smug smile. The hall fell silent as both sides glared at each other. "May I introduce...

Martha cut him off with a wave of her hand. She was standing a foot further than her offspring's with Oscar on her left, and Steven and Sarah to her right. "There will be no need for that. If anyone can survive the druids, it's Ian," Martha said without an iota of doubt. He shared their telepathic abilities on a minimal level. Whatever it was the Druids wanted with him wasn't cause for worry.

"What is it you want in this now?" Martha asked the Jefferson's.

Rafael, the only one of the three who had spoken since they showed up unannounced to their home, cast a glance at the one standing there in-between him and the other watcher. Martha followed his gaze.

Novick's eyes held hers like that of his predecessors', the crest of the watchers on his neck was slightly visible underneath the grey collared shirt he had on. He was the gargoyle commander and it was no small post to command an army blessed to defend the worlds against evil.


Martha raised her hand, cutting Rafael off yet again. She heard him exhale a sigh but paid him no heed, her eyes held his commander's.

"I will hear it directly from your commander. What do the gargoyles want here?" She asked Novick. "You refused us your help during the war the Orientals wreaked, why come to us now Novick?"

Novick accessed her awhile, he did the same with her boys and then her daughter. "You fight a much bigger war this time Martha. This concerns the fate of the world and as earth's original defense against evil, we are come."

"What could possibly be worse than the Orientals?" Steven asked. "They were blessed by your precious diviners, they almost annihilated the supernatural realm and still you did nothing to help." Steven accused.

"The diviners are coming," Rafael answered. The Crofts drew closer to the watchers, ears perked and eyes wide, seeking more than the watchers obviously wished to share. "And wherever they go, an evil far worse than this follows. We've come to help resolve this quickly to keep them away."

"How exactly do you plan to do that?" Oscar asked callously. "Just in case you forgot, you're only third generation celestials, you do not stand a chance against pure celestials."

Novick bit back the smile. It was why their race was extinct, they only concerned themselves with who was more powerful. They failed to understand what true power really is, it would be their undoing.

"We seal the void and return their own to them," Novick answered. "We need to bless a path for the townspeople to make it to the Lycan haven and then figure out how to seal the void once we're safe within the cloak."

"What about Julieta?" Sarah wondered. "The Oriental or did you suddenly forget she's somewhere within the dome?"

"We have much bigger problems, Sarah. Sapphire can wait," Novick returned impatiently. "Martha, we need your circle and your council. We must act now."

She assessed him quietly, her mind analyzing every possible outcome of an alliance with the gargoyles. "Return their own to them, you say. You mean a diviner walks among us?" Martha asked.

"Yes. Recently awoken, the one you mistake for an Oriental," Benjamin answered, he was the gargoyle to the left of Novick. "Sapphire's offspring. They are coming for her and we must give her to them. There's no fighting them."

Martha's eyes darkened in slight annoyance. She couldn't very well hand over the Croft's one chance at reviving their race on a platter to those bloody oppressors. There had to be a way around it, there was, she only had to figure it out.

"And Ian, how do we get him away from this druid?" Sarah asked.

"Once the city is safe, they will return him. They do not seek to harm him. The druids are a peaceful people Sarah," Novick reassured her. He drew closer to Martha. "Summon your council of firsts and your circle. It is time to act."

Martha turned to Steven and sent him on his way with a nod, he dipped his head in a slight bow and flashed out of the large Croft hall.

Martha turned to Novick where he stood almost in her face. The gargoyles were incredible warriors. Only the Lycans were powerful enough to hold ground with them, and yet Novick, the commander of the legion of gargoyles appeared terrified of the possible war looming in the horizon. The thought wasn't so comforting.

"And your legion?" Martha asked. "As you already know, we are lacking in numbers, we cannot lead the people past the city alone."

"You have the Frao warriors," Rafael replied.

Sarah laughed. She went to Novick, slightly shoving her mother out of her way so she stood nose to nose with him.

"We are done shedding our kind for your bloody causes. Let the gargoyles provide the numbers this time," Sarah spat.

Novick's lips raised in a smile. She was fearless and it was endearing. His brown eyes turned bronze with a faint glow and the hall was suddenly packed with a battalion of gargoyles in their mundane form, all in their battle armor and standing in formation.

"The truth about the gargoyles is, they've always been here," Novick revealed. "Only concealed in the place between the planes," he walked to the front of his legion. "We're ready once your circle arrives," He said to the remaining Crofts. The Crofts glanced at each other, nodded and spread out across the hall.

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