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"Okay so what do you wear when your going to meet your future step father?" Lily said, as she rummaged through Stacy's closet.

"He is NOT my future step father." Stacy said, plopping onto the bed.

"Could you at least be nice, your mom probably really likes him, considering she is going to introduce her daughter, the one that has been hidden since FOREVER." Lily said.

"I don't like you." Stacy said going into her bathroom. "And I'm taking a shower."

"It's only because you jelly, cause I is smart, I is beautiful, I is important." Lily said with a country accent.

"Dude seriously stop quoting The Help!" Stacy yelled from the bathroom.

"Jelly! Oh and I left the clothes you will be wearing on the bed." Lily said before leaving.


Stacy came out of the bathroom to find Lily singing What Makes You Beautiful. Lily was a very good singer. Stacy tightened the towel and took the clothes into the walk in closet, she put on her underwear letting her hair out of the towel, so that it would naturally dry. Then she put on a white lace dress, a mustard yellow blazer, and mustard yellow boot heels. She put on her accessories, and walked out, Lily was gone, Stacy turned and looked in the mirror, letting out an ear piercing scream. The kind that could break glass, so maybe she was over reacting by yelling. Stacy looked like a proper and posh girly girl, not that she wasn't, but it would look like she was trying to much. She knew she could just go back into the closet and change, but why do that when she could go torment her best friend, what are friends for? Stacy walked into the hallway, slamming her door closed, to go and beat up Lily, she walked into her empty room, then turned around and stomped down the stairs into the living room.

"Damn." Zayn said.

Stacy was beautiful, was all that kept repeating over and over in his head. She was stunning, long legs, light brown hair that fell in waves, and gray eyes. Sure he had seen beautiful girls before, but her eyes seemed to trap him there, they looked warm despite the fact that they looked ice cold, hard shiny silver.

Stacy tried not to panic, Zayn Malik, and the rest of One Direction were sitting in her living room, Zayn was staring at her. "Um ..."

Lily was sitting on the love seat alone, staring at them as if they were fake, she wanted to run up to them and hug them or put them in her pocket and keep them there forever. But she was afraid it would all be a dream and that if she touched them they would disappear. She wondered why they were there in the first place, and why wasn't Harry with them ... maybe Caroline was dating Simon Cowell, that would be too cool. Maybe he could get me and Stacy, recording contracts, Stacy could sing, I was alright, but together we would be amaZAYN!

"Sorry, Zayn here doesn't know how to control himself around pretty ladies." Niall said winking at Stacy, as the other boys snickered.

"Oh my gosh," Stacy whispered blushing, as she glanced on all of them, stopping at Lily.

"Aodfnjvwdn," Lily murmured, Stacy giggled and walked over to her hitting her on the back of the head. "Ouch!"

"You were being creeeepy." Stacy whispered, causing Lily to blush.

"Sorry." she mumbled to the boys.

"It's oka-"

"OMG!" Stacy yelled interrupting Liam, and bouncing up on her feet.

She ran towards the kitchen yelling. "MOM, are you dating Simon Cowell?!"

Stacy swung the kitchen door open walking into, Caroline and Harry Styles in a heated make-out session. Stacy stopped in her tracks, standing there staring at them, not only because it was gross, that was her mom. But also because it was HARRY STYLES, right then everyone else burst through the door, knocking Stacy to the floor right in front of a shocked Harry. Harry stared at Stacy, before sticking out his hand, and smiling his signature smile, Stacy blushed as he helped her up. She was practically melting inside, she was afraid of speaking, she knew no word known to any language in the world would come out of her mouth, if she decided to speak at that moment. Stacy stared into the green eyes, of the boy she has had a crush on ever since she saw him audition for the X Factor.

Harry stared at Stacy, she was beautiful, and honestly looked nothing like Caroline, her hair was a dirty blond, and her eyes were a piercing gray, almost silver. She looked like a fragile little girl, but when you took a second look, her eyes showed strength, and passion. Who was the father? Because she must have gotten everything from that side of the family. Not that Carline was ugly, their beauty was just shown differently. 

Caroline stared as her boyfriend and daughter stared at each other, so she coughed, making Stacy stumble backwards.

"A word?" Stacy said, trying not to let the anger be apparent in her voice.

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