Chapter Twenty Two

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"Where are we?!" I asked as soon as Roman woke me up. He didn't reply probably still mad at me. He carried me out of the car and I held into his neck. I wasn't scared that he would drop me. I actually wanted to enjoy this sweet contact while it lasted. I didn't know what was going on my mind but I knew that I was ready to forgive him as soon as he explains and as soon as he promises that he would never leave again.

He didn't seem to mind and I was thankful for that. I signed as I looked at his serious expression. He looked at me and I just smiled weakly. I knew I was making a fool of myself because I was smiling after all the drama that I caused. At least, that drama taught me that Malik is more controlling than Roman which means that he has gone through a lot or so I thought... At least, that drama taught me that Roman now wasn't to be missed with and that there is no way I will escape from being his and all. I just hope that he changes that whole opinion thing. I can't live as a slave...

"Open the door! It's Malik," Malik said as he stepped in front of a scary door.

"What's the password?!" A really scary voice asked making me tighten my grip around Malik. I was scared. I thought he would use this to tease me but he didn't.

He had the same serious expression as he said, "Open the damn door, Seth, before I make sure you're killed and fed to the hungry dogs in the dirty streets."

"Yes, boss!" The voice said again. The door opened and Malik entered carrying me or course followed by Derek.

As soon as we entered, Malik asked, "Where's Mr. Mason?!". Seth looked at him and then at me and Derek and then said," In his room! He has been waiting for you, guys! You know how can a father get?!"

"We are going to him now," Malik said and then started walking. I didn't know where we were going but I wasn't walking and I wasn't able to see anything so why shall I ask except to make him angry. For some reasons, I had a strong feeling that I was actually connected to this while thing. When he said father, I couldn't help but think about my father and the possibility of him being the person waiting.

Roman and Derek walked beside each other. Derek signing every now and then.  He seemed nervous. He looked like there was something hidden which he was related in and now it will be shown to everyone. I gave him a confused look and then looked at my love's face and saw that he had a child expression on. I sighed and then took a deep breath preparing myself for what is yet to come.

We stopped in front of a door and then Derek knocked. Roman's hands were carrying me so he just signed for him using the head. After a few second, some kind of computer came and scanned Roman and Derek. It checked their eyes and their finger print and then said, "Roman and Derek! Welcome!"

The door opened and we entered a really strange room full of computers. I was scared and I was holding to Roman tighter than ever. He sighed and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry! You won't be hurt! The person in here loves you a lot and I bet you love him as much. Just don't lose it like you did with me, he won't handle that."

"I'm sorry," I repeated. He didn't reply and continued walking. He stopped in front of a desk which had three chairs. I looked at the chair and then after seconds it turned. I looked at the person sitting there and for a second I didn't know how to breath. I held into Roman as I was pretty surprised to see him in a case like that. I had an idea that I would be seeing dad but he just looked awfully weak. He had a really pale skin and it looked like he had no life.

"Calm down!" Roman whispered trying to put me on a chair. I held to him and didn't allow him to. He sighed and carried me again and sat down with me on his lap. Derek was looking at me trying to read my next move.

"Aubrianna, you have grown older, sweetie. You're now a grown up woman. I am really lucky to live till that day," he said in a weak voice making my tears fall.

"I owe your mother a lot for raising you up. You're just like me...." He paused for a second taking a breath.

"Dad?!" I whispered.

He nodded slowly and then said, "Yes! I'm still your dad. The one carrying you is still the one who loves you with all his heart and the other man loves you the same but for other reasons, Brianna!"

" The three of us love you more than anything and that is why I sent those two to get you after that time. I know that I will have to explain more to you, Aubrianna but as you see I am really weak. You have to know, sweetheart that Derek is your brother. He is my son," I looked at Derek in shock and he had a nervous expression on.

"How?!" I asked in a really low voice actually surprised that I could talk. That was so much to handle.

"I had him before I married your mom but he was with his mother all those years," my father explained.

"No way! How am I knowing that now?!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry, Brianna!" He said.

"Is that all you have to say?! How come?! Why didn't you tell me that I had an older brother?! Did mom know?! What the heck is going on?!" I yelled.

"Don't yell!" Roman ordered firmly. I immediately shut up.

"Don't shut her up, Roman! She has all right to be angry!" My father said.

"Sir, it's time for your nap! The doctor said that you should rest at this time for your health to be better," a woman said coming out of the shadows.

"Leave me here for sometime! It's not like this is working. Every day I get weaker and I need to enjoy my two children company before leaving this earth," he whispered and for a second my heart was shuttered.

"Don't say that, please!" I whispered.

"You've to rest, sir! Don't worry! I will explain everything to her. She will also be here when you wake up," Roman said, I looked at Derek who didn't say a word. He looked scared and nervous. I looked away from him trying to process what was going on and the relationship between me and Derek. Roman seemed the most stable one of all of us.

"Okay, son! Take care of her and Derek. You have always been like a son to me, Roman," dad whispered and I found myself hugging him and crying on his chest. He tapped my back trying to comfort me.

Why did I have to see dad like that?! Why?!

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