Vampiric Adoration (Chansaw)

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Hey! I'm on a roll! I hope you enjoy! Also, let me know if you guys want a part two to this! Anyways, this was requested by @PeggyIsAFluffball

(Vampire AU!)

Veronica's POV

Dear Diary,

Why are the Heathers acting so nice? I mean, they're friendly to people now! What the hell is going on here? There's something suspicious happening, and I need to find out sooner or later. Do you want me to give you example of them being nice? Heather Duke is almost like Mac, sweet, kind, and cute! She gives out hand-made sweets to all our peers, curse these delectable pastries and their yumminess! Heather Chandler is somewhat different, she's been more expressive about her feelings recently. What I'm trying to say, is that every time I've walked near her, Heather's intensively staring into my soul.


Veronica Sawyer

I'll admit, Heather is kind of hot, there's no denying it. Her body is glorious! Her thighs are muscular like a ballerina, her breasts are a cute size, her hips are nice and small. Finally, her enchanting eyes dazzle against the sunlight. Heather is beyond gorgeous, she's far more beautiful than any other girl I've ever met in my life. I want her severely, to say the least!

I walk up to my locker and search around for my History book. It is nowhere to be found, but a note fell out of my Literature book as I put it away. I observe the sign and pick it up off the ground. It was an invitation to Chandler's house

The letter read: Dearest Veronica,

I cordially invite you to my humble home. I've meant to talk to you about a few things. We'll be sitting in the living room and drink some hot chocolate. My limousine will be outside of your house waiting for you on Friday Night. The night of the blood moon.

Truly Yours,

Heather Chandler

Her address is listed at the bottom.

Oh, I forgot to mention something vital to my diary!

Dear Diary,

Since you are only a collection of papers, I might as well jot this down. So, everyone in the school is a bunch of monsters. Vampires, werewolves, and phantoms, you name it! Unfortunately, Heather Chandler is a vampire, meaning when she wants to 'mate' with me, she'd seduce me until I'm vulnerable. Then, she'll proclaim me with a bite on my neck. This will leave a sensitive mark that, when touched, causes the victim to succumb to the force's will. I heard it's overwhelming to be touched there, and that I'd be begging for more!


Veronica Sawyer

As soon as I got done writing my name, I bump into Heather McNamara, one of my best friends! Of course, Heather Duke is clinging onto her like a kitten. Duke and Mac are also vampires, might I mention that Duke has a mark on her neck and Mac doesn't? Apparently, Mac claimed dominance over Heather Duke, the mega bitch.

"Hey, Veronica, did you get Chandler's royal invitation?" Duke questioned with an obvious look of frustration in her eyes

"Yeah, why?" I retorted

"Heh, I can see why now," Mac responded with a deep tone in her voice.

To me, Mac is dripping with power, her thick, commanding voice can easily shut up the entire school with just a simple statement. You see when a vampire bites their mate, their power skyrockets to the extremes. From a distance, I can see that Heather Chandler is the leader of the pack, her very presence screams that she is the alpha. Out of all things that I could ever imagine, she could possibly see me as her potential mate; I feel honored.

"Can you please press down on my bite mark?" Dukie begged on her hands and knees

"But, what if this time I can't control my fingers, I might send you into heat, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for sex yet," Mac cooed

"I guess you're right; I'm not ready either!" Duke sighed

"I'm sorry, but did you say, 'royal invitation?" I interjected

"Why yes, she's ruling over the vampire-controlled areas, so she lives in a castle!" Duke whined as if she's said this before.

"Under the sea?" I grin

"No! Now, if you'll excuse us, I must talk with my wife, I bid you farewell!" Mac responded before strutting away with Duke still attached to her.

Friday, 10:30 p.m.

I'm so damn nervous, the owner of this giant castle might want to take me as her own! I eagerly await the arrival of her majesty's fancy limousine, and now it's here in a heartbeat, that was fast! I had been waiting outside for it to come. I enter the vehicle to see Mac in a fancy maid-servant attire along with Duke in the same fashion. They have serious faces sewn to them.

"You're cold. Why?" Duke snapped

"I waited outside!" I responded proudly

"That is not good, we must urgently make you warm, your highness doesn't like it when her prey is cold!" Mac mocked as she grabbed me a fur blanket and wrapped it around my slim body.

"T-thank you!" I shook as warmth enveloped me

"Just following orders!" Mac replied sternly

"Chandler, I mean, your majesty, recently laid in that blanket, so, it should feel like her!" Duke smiled

Indeed, it did, I feel like she's here, pulling me into a tight, loving embrace. I couldn't help but let out a satisfied moan, I hope it wasn't too loud. Anyways, my eyes start to become heavier as sleep consumed me. The ride to Chandler's castle is a long one, it took us two hours to get there. Meanwhile, I'm having dreams of being in a beautifully-decorated bedroom with Heather Chandler sitting on her bed, beckoning me closer to her. I approached Dream-Chandler, she cupped my cheek, and her lips contacted mine. My thoughts were going nuts, in my dreams, I'm kissing the one, the only Heather Chandler.

Unfortunately, I felt a harsh shove on my left side, "Get up, princess we're here!" McNamara ordered

I slowly open my eyes and look up to a giant castle on top of this massive mountain. I couldn't really observe for very long as Dukie quickly ushered me inside. This large home is adorned with precious treasures from jeweled crowns to polished swords and other fascinating weapons.

"Do you like it, Veronica?" Duke chirped loudly

"This is amazing!" I awed in astonishment

"You'll get used to it after a while. You are Chandler's mate, are you aware?" Mac's stone-cold demeanor finally transforming back into a happy-go-lucky one.

"Wait I am?" I gasp sharply

"Yes, you'll be the one at her side! Oh, speaking of which, she's here!" Duke's eyes pointing to the grand staircase.

There she is, Heather Chandler, Queen of the Vampires! Damn, she looks sexy. Heather adorns a silky, velvet dress with gold lining on the sides while showing an ample amount of cleavage. She has strawberry-red lipstick surrounding her luscious lips. Her ice blue eyes pierce through my chocolate-brown ones. Chandler's strawberry-blonde hair is neatly curled and loosely hung down her backside.

"Veronica, my love, please step closer to me, I must know your scent. For, you are mine!" she cooed

My legs started to walk out on their own terms, and I'm soon being embraced by Heather Chandler, and her lips locking with mine.

"Mine, you're mine at last! You can never leave this castle without me! Tell me, would you be willing to be my little housewife? So, when I get home, I can pounce on you, making sweet love to you to your fullest desires? Would you like that?" she spoke calmly

"Yes, Mistress Chandler!"

I hope you all enjoyed this one-shot! This one was enjoyable to write! 


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