Episode 23: Trinkets

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My voice cracked

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My voice cracked. "Wyatt!"

I collapsed to the ground. Tears fell to the ground.

Sweet Minicha. Alastair... was gone. Alastair was gone. I couldn't protect him like I promised I would.

For a while, I just laid there sobbing. A whimpering Honey curled up next to me after she got out of the freaky cage.

Neither of us moved.

Someone popped up next to me. Probably Ame. I wouldn't scream. Not this time.

Then I felt someone wrap their arms around me. They were warm and their arms were strong.

I opened my eyes.

It was Cole. I should've known.

His eyes were gentle and his voice. "I don't really know why I'm here, but that doesn't matter right now." He caressed my tear-stained face. "What happened?"

"He—he's gone... Alastair's gone!"

"Where did he go?" Ame asked.

My face burned. "Sweet Minicha, Amethyst! You had one job and you blew it!"

Cole pulled me into his lap and stroked my hair. "It's alright, Cy. We'll get him back somehow. I'm sure of it."

"What even happened?" Ame asked.

"Sweet Minicha, Amethyst. You have no tact." Cole was probably glaring at her. "What would Hannah or any of the other Protectors have done?"

She sighed. "Hannah and her sister—friend—wouldn't have asked so soon. Still, we can still save him."

Cole met her gaze. "We can't just rush in. Sometimes you just have to live to fight another day. We'll come back stronger and free him, but not today."

How could Cole be so sure? If Ame and I had done our jobs, he'd still be here with us.

Cole picked me up and let me rest my head on his shoulder. "You shouldn't blame yourself, Cy. Some days you just won't win no matter what you do. This was just one of those crummy days."

He laid me on my unmade bed.

Ame followed us as did Honey. Honey jumped on my bed and curled up at my feet.

"Amethyst." Cole was firm. "You should go. We can worry about this later. Give her a little time to breathe."

I was grateful to Cole. I needed that. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with Ame right now. I probably would've whacked her with one of my wooden spoons if I could have.

"If you say so..."

Ame then disappeared.

"Have you taken a shower yet?" His voice was soft. "Why don't you take a nice and long one?" He caressed my cheek again. "I think I'm gonna paint to clear my mind while you do."

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