Chapter 25: Can I Drive?

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I sway my hips to the music as I worked over the stove, bringing the soup to my lips and savoring my creation. I moan in satisfaction, the taste being everything I hoped for. PINK blared around the kitchen on the 2nd floor, my body rocking to the rhythm. A faint growl makes my body freeze, slowly I whirled around to find Eli with black eyes.

"You can't dance like that around here. Only I can see you dance like that. Yet again, if I see that again and we're alone, I will ravish you." He said darkly, but by the voice, I automatically comprehended it was Larkin.

"Sorry," I whisper, flushing deeply at his words before returning to my cooking. I hummed to the song now, but my breath halted sharply when his chest pushed against my back, his arms caging me against the counter.

"What are you making." He asked darkly as he left featherweight kisses on my neck and shoulders. Victoria sighed as I eagerly tried to control myself.

"Tomato soup," I say hoarsely, barking a bit. He hummed against my skin as he proceeded to kiss me softly.

"What are you doing up?" I ask, slightly trying to move away. But, it didn't work, in fact, it made the entire thing graver. He took a step closer, my stomach now touching the counter. Something hard pushed into my butt, making my eyes swell and my body tingle.

"I could ask you the same question Ms.Valentine." He murmured against my neck again, my last name rolling off his tongue. My body visibly quivered, making a grin to expand on his lips.

"Making a small snack before we leave." I swallow hard, locking my eyes shut as he nibbled at my skin. He purred again as he continued to mess with my shoulder. The actions he was doing were completely obstructing my thoughts.

"You have a small problem, downstairs," I mentioned, making him chuckle.

"Morning wood." He grumbled and bit my shoulder, I gasp softly.

"What are you doing up??" I asked again, trying to shift the subject. He hummed and sniffed my long hair, my subject changing was a success.

"I smelt food so I came and investigated." After his sentence, he let out a low rumble right behind my ear, one of his arms detached from the counter and grabbed my waist. My breathing went berserk as he slowly dragged his hand down my side.

"And, didn't I tell you not to cook." He snarled, finally his hand stopped. Directly after slapping my ass. I gasp and jolt forward, nearly falling in the pot of soup. My breath came out in harsh pants as my trembling hands gripped the counter.

"Its time to go." He said in a natural voice, turning me around to look at me. He cupped my face, my breathing slowly pacifying.

"Sorry, but you disobeyed an order, I wouldn't have done that but Larkin loves it." I nod and blink, Victoria still in shock. She collapsed and started panting from her high arousal. I dump the soup into 2 cups and hand one to Eli, his lips gracing me with a thankful smile. We sipped on our soup as I followed him outside and into a huge garage. Cars after cars after cars were lined up.

"Pick one love." He said while ambling over to the key rack, my eyes widen as I look at all the super expensive cars.

"Can I drive?" I ask curiously, he raised a grave brow.

"Um..." He scratched his 5'o clock shadow making my lips pout.

"How about another day, you have no idea where you're going." He proposed, I frowned but nodded. I run my hand along a silver car and continued strolling down his collection.

"This one."

I scan up and down the black mustang with neon green trim and outline, nearly salivating at the sight

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I scan up and down the black mustang with neon green trim and outline, nearly salivating at the sight.

"Good choice, one of my favorites." He grabbed a set of keys and clicked a button, making the car lights flicker and a noise toll from it.

"Hop in my sexy Queen." I redden slightly while pulling the handle, the inside looks just like the outside. I relaxed down in the thick black leather seat, sitting on my hands due to the heated leather. He started the car and let it rev through the room, the purring of the car making me hum.

"Fan of cars aye?" I nodded and listened to the vehicle as I buckled, he clicked a dial on the top of the roof and the garage entrance opened. He rolled out and spun it around with ease, he swirled out of the pack in less than a minute. When we were on a freeway and he slowed down to a legal speed, he opened the sunroof. My heart pounded as I immediately unbuckle and bounce up. I climbed through the square man-made hole in the roof, my black hair blowing in crazy directions as I let out a scream. My screech though was cut short, a muscular, broad, warm hand grabbed my ankle softly. It started to gradually creep up my leg, making my body hot. It stopped at my inner thigh before yanking me down and into my seat. His white hair was crazed and his eyes were flitting between the colors.

"You can't wave your ass in my face and not expect me to touch you. You're lucky I didn't pull over and fuck you right then and there." My face darkened widely as I re-buckled. I spent the rest of the ride staring out the window, watching trees and house's fly by. Once town reached, I watched all the humans and maybe some hidden witches move about the city. My eyebrows pulled together when my green orbs landed on a homeless mother, her -at least 4-year-old- child laying motionlessly in her lap. People rushed by her like she had the plague, and a sign set next to her reading

"Please help.

My werewolf pup and I are rouges and sick.

She's on the verge of dying.

Anything will help!"

Is this town okay with monsters, have they already found out about us? I reached out and grabbed Eli's arm, my eyes locked on the women while we were halted at a red light. Was this a normal thing? My nose scrunched in distaste for all life on earth as I turn to Eli. His eyes contained knowing, already assuming what I wanted. His eyes met mine for a second, I sent him the puppy look. He focused on my lips before sighing and parking next to the women. She didn't seem to notice us as she continued asking others for help. She and her baby were covered in mud and dirt so I couldn't even see their hair color. I looked at Eli to see him shooting a text to his mom before huffing and looking up at me.

"Let's go say hi." He grumbled, making a tremendous grin grace my lips.

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