I sighed as I pulled on the black, high waisted, skin-tight jeans that just barely hit the bottom of the Harley Quinn crop top.

  "Do you really think it's a good idea to go out tonight?" I asked, biting my lip as  I stared at my reflection in the floor length mirror.

  "Duh!" Aspen exclaimed, rolling her eyes. "It's the last weekend of summer, I am NOT letting you stay in and  possibly regret not finishing the summer with a bang!"

"I promise I won't regret it." I mutter, trying to pull the shirt to cover my cleavage without showing too much of my stomach as well.

"You're such a prude." Apen sighs, fixing my shirt again, rolling her eyes.

"Whatever Aspen. Let's just go before I change my mind and get back in my PJ'S" I grab my phone and car keys.


I took a small sip from the drink Aspen had shoved into my hand the second I had stumbled in the door, wrinkling up my face as the familiar burn of vodka greeted my senses.

"Uh uh, finish it." Aspen said, pushing the cup towards me.

I smirked and gulped the whole red cups worth and grinned.


I stumbled as I tried to go upstairs, I only wanted the bathroom.

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