Chapter 1

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Ross's P.O.V
The bell rang,signaling the end of the day.I groaned loudly when I thought about football practice.I just wanted to take a fucking nap.Why was I the quarterback again?

"Yo,dude,you're leading practice today.Coach won't be here until later,"Wes said,as we got changed in the locker room.The frown already on my face deepened at this news and I glared at Wes' back when he patted my shoulder as he passed.

"Fucking fantastic,"I muttered,banging my locker shut before making my way out.

The first half hour of practice was manageable,especially with the cheerleaders in their tight tops and tiny shorts.

I couldn't help but smirk at Victoria's exaggerated attempts to impress me,with her commanding the squad and doing these complicated stretches effortlessly.In fact,mini me was pretty excited.

Then,I got a little too distracted.

I hear a yelp from the bleachers.The ball I had meant to throw to Elliot down the field had hit someone in the bleachers instead.

My gaze zeroes in on her,and the first thing I notice are her socks.Not her chest,her clothes,or how pretty she is-but her socks.She's wearing mismatched polka dots socks which is weird but actually cute in a way.

"Hey,girl with the mismatched polka dots socks!"I shout to her.She looks up,and I can see that her nose is red and bleeding."Yeah,you!Can we have our ball back?"

Her eyes find mine and she glares daggers at me.I'm taken aback at her reaction.Even girls that I broke their hearts never glared at me like that.No one did.I'm freaking Ross Lynch.

"Aw,Ross,I think she likes you,"Zac says,too much of a moron to know the difference between glaring and staring.The rest of the team laughed."She can't stop staring at you."

I decide to go along with it.Definitely,this was some ploy of the girl to get attention.Faking dislike?Three girls had already tried that."As usual,"I reply,my tone cocky.If I didn't get this ball,Coach was going to murder me.Oh well,desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I begin to walk in her direction,feeling the attention of both the cheerleaders and my teammates on us.

"You've got me here,I've talked to you.Can you just hand over the ball?"I ask when I reach her.

The weird girl glares at me some more and lifts the ball,saying,"Oh you mean this thing that almost knocked my nose off?I'm even bleeding!"

I sighed internally.It was obvious that coming up to her and saying a few words was not gonna cut it.She probably wanted my number too.

Her nose looked even more bruised up close and it kinda freaked me out.I hated seeing blood.

"Yeah,I see it.You really need to get that thing checked out,"I reply.

"You owe me an apology!"she shouts and I almost burst into laughter.Was this girl for real?

"Isn't my attention good enough?"I asked her,putting on my best smirk.

That surprisingly doesn't work because the next second,she shoots up from the bleachers and snaps,"I don't need your freaking attention.This ball of yours hit me,the least you could do is say sorry."I just stare at her,wondering what to do next."That's it,if you don't apologize,I'm not giving you your ball back."

My teammates all groan behind me.

"C'mon,Ross,what's taking so long?"

"We need to keep practising or else Coach will have our heads."

"The guys are getting impatient,"I told her.

She just shrugs and slings her bag over her shoulder."So am I."

That's when I realize it.This time,I don't hold back a short laugh."Are you actually playing hard to get?"

Her jaw drops and I'm smug,thinking that I've caught her,when she opens her mouth."Seriously?!You're such a dumbass."

She rolls her eyes then begins to descend.I decide to meet her halfway.

"Get out of my way,"she practically growled at me.Wow,feisty too.She attempted to pass by me but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back,causing her to fall on my chest.My arms snake around her waist on instinct.

Okay,time for the next best thing.

I held her chin and smiled at her seductively."What's it gonna take?A kiss perhaps?"

She was immune to my charms because she immediately pushed me away."Why the hell would I agree to that?"

It was so obvious."Because it will be your first kiss,"I reply in a heartbeat.What I don't expect is for her hand to connect painfully with my cheek,turning my head to the side.

There were gasps from the field but all I could focus on was my cheek-which hurt like a bitch-and my wounded pride.

"That's a first in many,"the girl spat,before barging past me.

I watched her go,rubbing my cheek.

Someone just signed her death wish.

I don't waste time going to school the next day-which is a first,because nothing has ever managed to make me early before.

I had used my connections to find out that girl's name and locker number the day before,making sure to send two of the guys to spray paint her locker.

In a hurry to get to her locker to make sure she didn't escape,I bump into someone.

"Watch it,nerd,"I growled at her.Hobo was what I should have said.God,it should be a crime to come dressed like this to school.

I passed by her with a few of my teammates and didn't need to tell the crowd to part when they saw me.My anger increased when there was no sight of her.

"Where is she?"I shouted to no one in particular.The crowd grew silent,and I began to look for her face.She wasn't in the crowd either.

"I think she knew you would look for her today,so maybe she didn't come to school,"Wes spoke.

I laughed humorlessly."Well,she's not gonna get away so easily.Ross Lynch never forgets a face."

"What if she knows that too?She could be in disguise,"Logan piped up.I stared at him,contemplating his words.

"That sounds...kinda stupid,Logan.What's she going to do?Put on make-up?"I asked,evoking laughter.Why were my teammates not thinking today?"She acted so brave towards me yesterday,now today,she can't even face me.I thought this one was interesting,but she's just another chicken."

I was actually disappointed.No one had ever captured my interest like Laura had,and now she was nowhere to be found.

I start walking away,the guys silently following after me.The crowd parts again for us to walk through and I head in the direction I came,only to see that same hobo girl from before,collecting her books from the floor.

I clear my throat."You."

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