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"it's getting soggy! pour another bowl!" kevin groans towards haknyeon, the younger boy puts his hands up in defense.

"I'm sorry! I just don't know when he's coming though!" he whines back, "I thought juyeon said he was almost here so I did it earlier!"

"but why earlier, why not—"

"he's almost here!" hwall shouts as he walks into the garden, kevin starts to panic. he instead picks up a nearby shovel instead of the flowers. throwing it, he pats off the dust on his shirt.

picking up his poster and flowers, he gives an awkward smile. "haknyeon pour a different bowl! and don't pour it into the flowers this time!"

jacob who walks with juyeon on the way to the garden, he sees the silver hair pop out and he immediately knows its hwall. ever since his hair changed, it's been easy to spot him.

"you know his invitation was quite sketchy." jacob tells juyeon, the brunette nods.

"based on your text I can definitely agree, but don't worry. I bet this is worth it."

jacob smiles, once they reach the garden. they hear the frantic yells of multiple boys, he could hear hwall screaming. "he's here!" while a blonde is taking photos with the flash on, it's chanhee and all he can do is laugh.

entering the garden, he watches kevin and haknyeon bicker. once they notice his presence, kevin slaps both his cheeks and his jaw drops. "the music! where's halo by beyonce guys, we're so uncoordinated and he's already here!"

haknyeon hides behind a bush with the soggy cereal still in the bowl. hwall who stands still as a statue next to chanhee, the blonde still takes a couple photos mouthing. "I'm not here."

"well mr. moon." as jacob furrows a brow, "you're such a lucky charm, be my date and you'll make me the luckiest guy." jacob giggles right after, "how cheesy."

"so..will you?"

juyeon whispers a small, "yes.." and covers his mouth, "continue.."

jacob nods his head and rolls his eyes, "of course I will. I could never say no to you."

as he runs up to kevin, he gives him a big bear hug. snuggling into his chest, he smiles, "I guess you will be the luckiest guy."

kevin who hides his face from everyone seeing his red face, he can't help but crack a smile. but as they're having their moment, haknyeon taps jacob's shoulder. catching his attention.

"you're suppose to eat this if you wanna say yes. it's kinda soggy though."

he then looked at the bowl of lucky charms cereal. they're mostly marshmallows which he kinda likes. but he looks at kevin, "one question."

"anything!" the ravenette says.

"did the milk or cereal go first?"

kevin rolls his eyes, smiling he leans down to kiss jacob's forehead. "the cereal of course."

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