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 The tower was utter chaos now that everyone was here. Banner, Thor, everyone made their way back to New York. " Marilyn!" Bruce said, " I've been looking at your suit and I-"

" Not right now, Bruce." I said quickly, walking past everyone.

" Steve, is she alright?" Thor asked. He wasn't caught up on everything, I assume.

" I've got it." He sighed, " Mar!"

He caught me before I closed the door in his face. " Don't shut yourself in, alright? Talk to me. They've missed you, so much."

" That's nice, Steve, but I really can't socialize with the God from Space right now." I rubbed my forehead.

He frowned, " Can you at least talk to your big brother, please? You've been keeping things from me. We're twins, I know when you're upset."

" Not to be dramatic, but the one guy I've loved in my entire life just tried to kill me, I'm thrown back into S.H.I.E.L.D's little soap opera with us, and I'm frankly fucking exhausted. I'd rather be out with guns to my head in the field, rather than having meetings every god damn day about laws you and I didn't break, with people who's teeth I want to knock out!" I snapped.

The house place seemed to go silent when I yelled. I rarely yelled. Steve was stunned, " We're almost out of this, I swear to you."

" Thanks." I said as I shut the door.


The perks of the tower was that it was huge, and I could be alone whenever I wanted.

What did I do instead of go to another floor, I climbed onto the runway for planes at 11 pm. I stared down at the streets, even this late, people were still hustling and busting around. All the lights were on, shining so bright. 

" He's really trying, you know."

" Save the lecture, Tony." I sighed.

He sat next to me, " No lecture. I'm stating the obvious. You're shutting him out, he's like a sad golden retriever. He's right, you haven't been the same these last few weeks. The guy that came from space realized that the second he landed. Thor was actually very upset you shouted."

" I'm sure he'll get over it." I scoffed.

" Marilyn, listen to me. I know you're in a funk because of James-"

" Bucky." I corrected.

He sighed, " Because of Bucky. But we are doing everything we can to find him. You may think we just wanna throw him in jail, but we want to help him. Figure out whatever HYDRA did to him and fix it."

" You think they're gonna have a man with decades of murder on his hands live a lovely life with me after they fix his head?"

Tony shrugged, " People are more understanding than you think." 

" I've been alive a very long time, Tony. I've seen more of human nature than I wanted to. They're not going to forgive everything that has been done."

" Even if they don't. We're going to help him."

" He doesn't want to be found, those years with HYDRA taught him enough. No one will find him."

" If you know that, why are you locking yourself in a prison when your brother, who adores you beyond belief, is trying to help."

" I don't want help."

" I don't care what you want. I'm not gonna watch you self destruct. No matter how angry and annoying you are. No unhappy grandmothers are allowed in my building."

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