Chapter 11

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Bowser JR's POV
So they found the Chain Chomp Valley... I immediately headed back to mom's battleships to report that the human has meet Booette. She and I have been hunting after the human for sometime now, never really able to find him. I'm not exactly precise on why mom needs him, but I was ordered to find him.

Reader's POV
After walking a bit, Chompette continued to run around and bark at me and Booette. I continued to get it away or stall it with basic tricks as we tried to move on. Unfortunately after every 10 steps, Chompette would eventually comeback. I eventually gave up and allowed her to come along with me and Booette as we try to escape Bowsette. We kept walking while Chompette followed along, circling around us as she barked.

(YN): where are we headed now?
Booette: The M-Mushroom Kingdom
(YN): with the annoying Toads?

I sighed as Peach's tower grew closer to us. If only I had Yoshi; I could just have it walk me around and then run and jump over or on the toads If they talked to much.

Toad: HELLO!
(YN): ugh...this shit again
Toad: I'M TOAD!

I groaned and picked one of the toads up and chucked it away at another, heading closer to the castle. As Chompette scared away the toads, the three of us entered the castle.

(YN): this place has seriously bad guards...
Booette: it a-almost has none..
Chompette: BARK BARK!

I looked around and saw an empty throne room. Where is Peach? Did she get kidnapped? I just saw several of Toads running around the castle for no apperent reason until a sudden loud explosion occurred, catching all three of us off guard.

Several of Goombas and Koopas came rushing into the kingdom as Bowser JR and Bowsette crushed through the kingdom, determined to find you and bring you back as their prisoner. For what? You'll find out

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