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Chapter 78

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Guess who's NOT pregnant?! Me! I got a visit from Mother Nature the day after I took the pregnancy test. It turns out, Jourdyn's girlfriend is the one that's pregnant. I don't know how to explain why I was so sick, but I don't care; I'm just happy I'm not pregnant. I feel bad about being so happy though because I know Blake wishes I was, but I do not need a child, especially right now. I'm a little too hoe-ish & reckless to have a baby.

Blake told me he's feeling bad about making me cry, so this week he says he wants to make it up to me. I told him over & over he doesn't have to, but he insisted. He brings me flowers everyday when he comes home, he bought me new shoes and a new Polaroid camera and it's only Wednesday.

I didn't really have to do anything today, so for now I decided to chill in the den. I was lying on the floor playing with the dogs when I got a text from Monique.

niquey 🐻💕: yo. get on twitter now.

I extended my arm to get my laptop and got on twitter. I looked at the trends and saw "Blake Griffin's girlfriend" was trending.

"What the hell?" I laughed to myself.

I clicked on it to see what they were talking about and I just about died from laughing so hard. Once I got myself together, I texted Monique back.

me: lmao omg. these assholes think i'm a lesbian?! 😂😂

niquey 🐻💕: lmfao apparently 😂😭

There was a TMZ article, so I clicked the link so I could read it.

Blake Griffin's girlfriend actually a lesbian?

"Ahahahahahaha WHAT?!" I laughed out loud, which made Bailey jump.

I scrolled down and there was a picture of me and Jennifer hugging. It was from the day I took her to the mall to buy a dress for graduation and she gave me a hug to thank me for everything.


I continued to scroll down and saw more pictures of me in sweatpants. Apparently, since I don't wear dresses or skirts, I'm automatically a lesbian, but all these pictures are when I'm leaving the studio.

I closed the article and continued to look through the trend to see what people were saying about this.

@bglover_: i don't think Blake's gf is a lesbian tbh. just look at the way she looks at him when they're together.


@BAG32: you can't believe everything you read. i'm pretty sure Blake would know if he were dating a lesbian.

@sassyshante: I'm not really surprised Blake Griffin's girlfriend is a lesbian.

@RichHomieVon: I don't even care Blake Griffin's girl is still fine

@relentless32: you're dumb af if you believe tmz

@clippernation3: Blake Griffin's girlfriend is a lesbian?! what the hell did I miss?

I looked through more of the tweets until I moved onto my mentions, which were filled with a bunch of girls, a few niggas that wanted a threesome and that one nigga that just wanted me to notice him.

@RichHomieVon: @hyfrbri say it ain't so 😩

@britnyxbritny: @hyfrbri hey 😍

@RichHomieVon: @hyfrbri you still bae tho

@msronab: @hyfrbri so you're in to girls, huh baby? 😏

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