Chapter One

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I walked along the empty streets. I didn't know what else to do. It had to be done. I was going to go crazy if I didn't; I was on the edge of losing it. I did it. I needed to wash the blood from my clothes.

A Month Earlier: Monday, November 28th.

I walked into another dreadful day of school. I went to my first hour. It was usually where I hung out till class started. I never saw the point in being anywhere else.

I was a loner, so naturally, I was not going to have friends. I could choose where to go. The classroom seemed the most logical. I had my reasons as to why I thought that.

One, I was a loner so I chose my hangout spot. Two, I hated crowds and going from the first bell and having to shove people to go to class before the second bell was awful. It made more sense to avoid the crowds. Three, the classrooms were empty so I could have peace and quiet. Four, last but not least, I was already ready to go and didn't have to walk anywhere after the bell. I was lazy, so what. I never had been a social or active person; it just wasn't who I was.

I saw her walk in. I could not stand her one bit.

She was perfect and tall with curves in all the right places. Even her name was perfect; it was unique. Aalia. Everything but one thing was perfect which was her personality. It was so hideous.

She sat down and tapped her pink-painted nails against the desk. I had to try to ignore her if I was going to get through this class.

As the class went on, I zoned out. School was a horrible place.

People always thought you needed school. No, if I needed it, I'd learn it on my own. I was not going to shove as much crap as possible into my brain before I became of an age where I was unable to keep a memory of learning new things. Many people were more productive and successful without school. The school didn't teach common sense. They didn't teach right from wrong. They didn't teach creativity. They just told you stuff that you'd forget within five days of that.

I'd noticed on days off from school, I got more stuff done. I'd seen how productive I was without school. At school, they forced me to learn their stuff, so I couldn't be productive in my life, and by the time the next day came, I'd already forgotten. With my life, the stuff I learned here would never be useful. Honestly, I might as well have dropped out now.

Oh, that's right; I almost forgot another big reason school sucks. People like me were forced to realize we were going to be alone. Me not being social didn't mean I was anti-social. It meant I was very picky about who I was friends with. I preferred just one friend, but I had yet to find that. School basically forced you to be social. When you weren't, it was like laughing in your face on how you sucked at life.

It taught you the opposite of reality. In reality, popularity wasn't real. In reality, people didn't hate their friends because they had a disagreement. The kids who thought that school was like reality were really in for it. When they'd graduate, the people they'd work with would not care about the money they made or their social status. They'd care about who they were as a person. It didn't prepare anyone for tolerance but instead, let them stay intolerant. In reality, you learned tolerance of other people's beliefs.

School forced the loser kids to be bullied. While they said they didn't allow it, they didn't do much to stop it. They didn't help it when they forced kids, who were going through puberty and trying to find themselves in life, to go to school with kids opposite of them. It pretty much encouraged bullying.

Another reason school sucked was because of time, the time you must be there, and how long you had to be there. If a school was about education, then why wake people up so early? You'd wonder why so many students sucked. We were half asleep. We did not care about math at eight in the morning. We could care less. The brain wasn't fully functional until after nine in the morning or something, so there was no point in abusing our ability to attain so much learning if you were trying to do it before we woke up.

Why did school last so long? Were eight hours a day necessary? I wasn't making money, I wasn't learning anything useful for life such as common sense, reality, or anything about the real world. There was no motivation in school. College got you a good job, but in today's society, you could still make as much without a degree, and a degree was only needed for less than twenty percent of jobs. You still didn't make enough, so you'd die in debt in which then made your kids have to pay it off.

School was useless when it was just forced on us.

The bell brought me back out of my thoughts and I took a peek over at Aalia. She got out of her seat and left the classroom. I wondered what it would be like to be in her shoes. Did she have a soul at all?

I packed up my bag and left the classroom and watched her walked down the hall. She stopped in front of her boyfriend and gave him a big kiss. Was PDA even allowed in school? It probably wasn't, yet Aalia wasn't one to listen to the rules anyway.

Her boyfriend wrapped his arm around her waist and walked off their next class together. I never understood how those two got together, to begin with.

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