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FLYING ON THE DRAGON WAS THE MOST amazing experience ever, Kyra thought

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FLYING ON THE DRAGON WAS THE MOST amazing experience ever, Kyra thought.

Up high, the air was freezing cold; but the dragon's metal hide generated so much heat, it was like they were flying in a protective bubble. Talk about seat warmers! And the grooves in the dragon's back were designed like high-tech saddles, so they weren't uncomfortable at all. Leo showed them how to hook their feet in the chinks of the armor, like in stirrups, and use the leather safety harnesses cleverly concealed under the exterior plating. They sat single file: Leo in front, then Piper, Kyra, then Jason, and Kyra was very aware of Jason right behind her. She kind of wished he would hold on to her, maybe wrap his arms around her waist; but sadly, he didn't.

She quickly shook those thoughts from her head. She remembered Will telling her that Piper and Jason were kind-of a thing. By kind of, she meant that Piper thought they were together because of the mist.

Leo used the reins to steer the dragon into the sky like he'd been doing it all his life. The metal wings worked perfectly, and soon the coast of Long Island was just a hazy line behind them. They shot over Connecticut and climbed into the gray winter clouds.

Leo grinned back at them. "Cool, right?"

"What if we get spotted?" Piper asked.

"The Mist," Jason explained "It keeps mortals from seeing magic things. If they spot us, they'll probably mistake us for a small plane or something."

Piper glanced over her shoulder, "You sure about that?"

"No," he admitted, "We're making good time. Probably get there by tonight."

Kyra turned around to ask him where they were going but saw that Jason was looking down at a photo of a girl with dark hair. It was Thalia. Kyra remembered meeting her when Annabeth asked her to come back to camp for a meeting about Percy.

But why did Jason have a photo of her? Because they were half-siblings?

"Where are we heading?" Kyra asked, watching as Jason looked up at her and stuffed the photo into his jeans,

"To find the God of the North Wind," Jason answered, "And chase some storm spirits."

They spent the next couple of moments in silence, watching the world around them. Kyra leaned forward, looking down at the cities and countrysides that they passed by.

"Shut up, me," Leo said aloud after a few minutes,

"What?" Piper asked.

"Nothing," he said. "Long night. I think I'm hallucinating. It's cool." Kyra felt a little concerned considering he was the one flying the dragon, "Just joking." He smiled back at them, "So what's the plan, bro? You said something about catching wind, or breaking wind, or something?"

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