two. belle âme

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jaemin pov

Jeno and I sat on the bus that evening, huddled together, scrolling through Instagram and picking our way through a bag of gummy hearts that Jeno had bought in a convenience store near the school.

The bus jolted into movement causing us to be flung backwards into the seat.

'Stupid bus drivers..' Jeno mumbled under his breath.

I laughed at his comment and he smiled that golden eye smile that I fell for when I first seen him.

His dark brown hair falling perfectly over his face just above his chocolate eyes that formed little half moons when he was happy. I fell for his everything really.

I was deep in thought and admiring the beauty that god had made beside me when I was going forward and my head slammed on the seat in front of me.

The bus had jolted to a stop and the doors were opening.

Renjun, who we had given a note to earlier, clambered into the bus and breathlessly muttered his thanks to the bus driver. He must have ran to catch up with the bus.

His cheeks were puffed out in tiredness and coloured the same shade of pink as my sweater either from embarrassment or breathlessness.

A rather loud chorus of cheers arose from the other passengers as a way of jeering at him for being late and causing half of the bus' contents to go flying forwards.

He smiled shyly and cutely before sitting in a free seat two rows in front of us.

I smiled to myself at his cuteness before Jeno hit me in the arm.
'You're supposed to look at me like that nana.' He pouted.

'I do look at you like that. All the time in fact.' I smiled at him as he frowned. 'You just don't see me.'

He rolled his eyes and laughed.
'I don't blame you though, he's cute isn't he?' He whispered, ducking his head behind the seat so no one else could see or hear him.

I nodded furiously.
'Almost as cute as you.' I went to pinch his cheek but he slapped my hand away.
'Nice one.' He gave me a side eyed glance.

He reached into the bag of gummy hearts and popped one into his mouth as another hand appeared that belonged to neither of us and disappeared as quickly as it had come.

We both looked up in surprise but relaxed when we seen who it was; Haechan.

He smiled brightly at us.
'Hi Haechan.' We both said in unison in the same drone like tone we used with him when he tried to be funny.

'Hi! I'm taking one for me and one for Mark. I hope you don't mind.' I rolled my eyes as he said this and sat down.

Of course it was one for him and one for Mark. Haechan had the biggest crush on Mark Lee that I had ever seen; it was worse that mine on Jeno.

He tries everything in his power to get the other to like him but the love is about as reciprocated as Romeo and Rosaline. He thought there was nobody more beautiful than Mark.

Mark treated him as nothing other than a friend but nobody told Haechan that Mark liked him equally as much because if we did then Mark would be "forced to care and give him attention" when he says he's too awkward and doesn't know how to do he just thinks it's easier to let Haechan treat him like this because one; he can learn how to do it back when he gets the courage to and two; he enjoys Haechan's love and affection.

I turned my attention back to Jeno who sat attempting to throw the gummy hearts into the air and catching them in his mouth.

'You're such an idiot.' I laughed at his ridiculousness.

He threw one into the air and caught it and a look of satisfaction and pride spread across his face as he chewed happily on the sweet.

Then it struck me.

'Let's throw them at Renjun!' I whisper shouted at him.
'Why? Isn't that considered bullying?' His eyes widened a little at the thought that I had called him cute five minutes before yet I wanted to throw sweets at him.

'Not when they're heart shaped. We're simply showing him how much we like him and we're feeding him because if I'm honest; he's very small.'

'Good things come in small packages.' Jenos wagged a finger at me and I once again laughed.

I picked a heart gummy from the bag and began aiming it at the seat in front of him so that it would bounce off and land on his lap because his head was down.

I had the perfect shot lined up and threw it gently enough so it wouldn't hurt but hard enough to go the distance.

My plan didn't work and Renjun looked up as the heart gummy bounced off the back of his head.

He immediately put a hand on the spot where it had hit him and turned around to see who it was as I ducked out of sight. Hopefully.

I covered my mouth as my cheeks started flaming red in embarrassment.

Jeno laughed loudly at me as Haechan and Mark turned around.

'Don't you know it's rude to throw things at people Na Jaemin?' Haechan scolded me.

I waved him off furiously as he turned back around.

Jeno attempted next to throw one at him and hopefully be successful.

He aimed by closing one eye and sticking out his tongue a little.


He threw it gently and it bounced off the seat and onto Renjun's lap.

He cheered a little to himself and ducked down as Renjun turned around once again and we both tried to contain our joyous laughter.

'Can you please stop throwing things at me Haechan.' We heard him say.

'It wasn't me! I swear! It was Jeno and Jaemin!' I looked up and saw him turn around and look down at us.

I poked my head up a little so I could see over the seat at Renjun who was turned around, his eyes wide.

I sat up and smiled shyly as Jeno sat up too. We waved a little cautiously at him as his cheeks turned crimson and he quickly turned around.

I looked at Jeno and he looked at me. Why was Renjun going red?

'You're so gay.' Haechan shook his head and laughed at us.

I looked over to where he sat and I could see his head buried in his hands, shaking his head and his ears bright red. His dark brown hair swayed as his head shook and fell perfectly into place when he stopped. He was in every way perfect.

'Maybe we should stick to passing notes.' Jeno said softly in my ear to be heard over the shouting students.

'Yeah, I think that would be smart.' I nodded as a phrase I had learned at one point popped into my head that perfectly described Renjun.

"Belle âme; a beautiful soul."

I wrote this based on what happened to me on the bus today because someone threw heart shaped haribos and they landed on my folder and yeah.

Sadly it wasn't from anyone in particular but rather a case of bad aiming from someone a few rows behind.

Happy reading!

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