The shocking descovery

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Antis P.O.V

I slowly wondered the creepy and misty woods until I walked into a tree making me groan before I got back to my feet and I looked ahead to see an old house that looked like it and been abandoned many years ago, I then put my phone back into my pocket as I made my way to the house and as soon as I stepped onto one of the steps leaning to the porch it snapped so I hopped to the other one before making my way up the steps again having a eerie feeling I was being watched, I then felt a cold hand on my back so I quickly spun around to find no one there but then I heard a loud freak so inch from around the back of the house so being the curious demon I was I walked around the house to the back and I would have fallen into a grave if I didn't see it, I then crouched down an drubbed the dust and dirt away form the gravestone before reading the name on it and I gasped in shock at the name I saw.

Rest In Peace Jack Dennis, Jacklyn Dennis and David Dennis

They were a loving brother, mother and father but sadly they were shot and dyed in this very house

I sighed and stood up before looking at the house and I see a figure in one of the windows so I run to the front of the house and slowly went to open the door but it fell onto the floor creating a huge cloud of dust, I then stepped inside before walking to the living room to find everything covered in dust and covered in spiders and other things like maggots in the bowl on the table that had rotten fruit.

I then heard a smash come from upstairs so I raised an eyebrow as I made my way to the stairs, I then walked up the creaky and broken stairs until I reached the top and I walked along the corridor to the room I heard the crash come from, but I gasped and my eyes went wide in shock at what I saw.....

Words: 373

Sorry it's really short but I had to go out somewhere

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