Chapter 16

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I Been Packing All Of My Things In My Car All Morning, While Everyone Else Been Sleep .

Christa Doesn't Even Know That I'm Moving Out Today . I Know If She Know, She's Going To Want To Help Pack And Move Things And I Really Don't Want Her Or Chris Knowing Where I Stay, Because Of The Situation Chris Got Going On . I Kinda Feel Like A Bad Friend Because Of That But At The Same Time I Don't Need To Be Putting Me Nor My Baby At Risk .

As Soon As I Got Everything In The Car, I Looked Around The Room, Making Sure I Got All Of My Things .

"That's Everything" I Said To Myself, Sighing, Putting My Hands On My Hip .

I Grabbed My Keys, And Quickly But Quietly Made My Way To The Front Door, Leaving Christa's Apartment Key On The Table, Next To The Couch, As She Continued Sleeping, Peacefully .

As Soon As I Got In The Car, I Called Reese To Make Sure He Was Still Meeting Me At My Apartment .

He Says He Don't Want Me Moving Around Too Much, So Him And His Uncle Are Coming By To Move Everything In .

"Wassup? How You Doing?" Reese Asked, Making His Way Towards Me, As I Got Out Of The Car .

"Good, How Are You?" I Asked, As We Hugged Eachother Tight .

"I'm Good" He Said, As We Broke Away .

"Maliyah!" Unc Said, Excitedly, As He Got Out Of The Car .

"Hey, Unc!" I Waved, Smiling .

"How Are You?" He Asked, Making His Way Over Towards Me, With His Arms Out .

"I'm Good, How Are You?" I Asked, As We Hugged Eachother .

"Oh I'm Better Than I've Ever Been" He Said, Letting Out A Dry Laugh . We Then Broke Away .

"So What We Got To Do?" Unc Asked .

"Is This All Of Your Things?" Unc Asked, Before I Could Even Answer The First Question, Looking In The Car .

"Good Lord, Girl . You Sure Do Got A lot Of Shit!" He Said, Causing Reese And I To Chuckle .

"You Moved All Of This By Yourself?" Reese Asked, As He Slowly Opened The Car Door .

"I Told You I Had My Friend Christa And Her Little Brother Help Me" I Lied .

"Aw Yeah, You Did" Reese Said, Then Begin Looking Through The Car To Find Something To Take In First .

I Went An Unlocked The Front Door To My Apartment .

After About An Hour, They Had Finally Got Everything Moved In .

"Whew.. I Thank Y'all For Moving My Things In For Me" I Said, Looking Around At Everything, With My Hands On My Hips .

"No Problem, Baby Love" Reese Said .

"You Can Call Me Anytime You Need Anything Moved . I Don't Mind Being Bothered, At Least Not By You" Unc Said . Reese Quickly, But Playfully Hit Him In His Arm, Causing Me To Chuckle .

"What Is That Suppose To Mean?" Reese Asked, Giving Him A Face, As Unc Begin To Chuckle .

"Chill Out, Neph, I Didn't Even Mean It Like That"

"Yeah Ok, Unc!"

"So Is This All You Needed Done For Now?" Reese Asked, Looking Back At Me .

"Yeah" I Said, Nodding My Head .

"Alright, Well I'm About To Go Drop This Man Off . I'll Be Back Over Here When I Do That, So Don't Touch Nothing!"

"Ooo, Yes Daddy" I Said, Looking Him Up And Down, As I Bit My Bottom Lip .

No I'm Just Playing, I Didn't Say That, At Least Not Out Loud .

"I Won't, I Promise" I Said, Letting Out A Dry Laugh .

"You Bet Not"

Once They Left, I Just Chilled And Played On My Phone Until Then . He Said Not To Touch Nothing, So I'm Not Gone Touch Nada .

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