A Unique Gift

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Salvatore looked at Aryan who was coming out of the bath. It was a day after the whole fiasco. They were staying in the castle.

Salvatore grew hard as he looked at Aryan's body which glistened with water.

Aryan saw that he was hard and gave a teasing smile as he walked over to Salvatore. Salvatore lost all his control as he pulled Aryan to him and started kissing him harshly. Aryan moaned.

"I want you on all fours," said Salvatore. If he looked at Aryan now when he took him, he might get too emotional and God help him, might cry. So he wanted to do it this way.

Aryan gasped. They have done that before. It was a bit hotter as Salvatore sounded all authoritative.

Aryan was on all fours. Salvatore spread those long legs wide as he lined his rock hard cock against Aryan's hole which he prepared with lube. All his one night stands, almost all were in this room in the castle.

Salvatore entered Aryan who moaned in ecstasy.

"Take me deeper, Aryan," said Salvatore and his voice sent shivers of ecstasy down Aryan's spine. He pushed his ass back and he was asking for more as he rocked point to point with Salvatore.

"Fill me up, Salvatore. Ruin me," said Aryan as he moaned. Salvatore grabbed Aryan's cock and wanked him as he fucked him.

Aryan moaned as he came and Salvatore felt himself coming. He filled Aryan's now slick hole with his cum.
Aryan smiled as Salvatore's arm came around his stomach, holding him carefully as he laid down slowly against the bed.

Aryan was in a teasing mode.

"You did not look at my face, tell me it was me you were thinking about because I really enjoyed that and would rather keep you," said Aryan

Salvatore looked at him feeling like a real bastard. Aryan was in a vulnerable state and he was letting his own insecurities hurt Aryan more.

Salvatore turned his face and looked at him.

"I still worry that I am unwanted in your life, that I forced my way into your life," said Aryan.

Salvatore snorted.

"You know, Caroline was right. I was only existing before you," said Salvatore.

Aryan smiled.

Salvatore looked at him.

"You know, when I couldn't find you at home, I couldn't breathe," said Salvatore.

"I am so sorry, I couldn't believe what was happening," said Aryan.

"Nothing happened, she, I don't like people touching me without permission," said Salvatore.

Aryan ran his hand through Salvatore's hair. Salvatore froze but let Aryan do that.

"I love you and don't worry I am not expecting you to say back," said Aryan.

"And, I know about your childhood. You don't have to say anything you don't want to," said Aryan.

Salvatore looked at him.

"Sleep," said Salvatore holding him close.


"You can occasionally show him how much you care about him, you know," said Caroline. She and Jack were standing on his side. Valentino and other guards were also present.

Salvatore was silent and all eyes were on him.

"You could take Don out on a date, Capo," said Jeremy, one of the guards.

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