Chapter 20

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Zinnia point of View

How can Earth have such a beautiful place?

This place is a paradise like Mr. Monk.

"I am so happy that you brought me here, Mr. Monk." I jumped around looking at the beautiful sea and the trees and flowers.


Macau is the place where Mr. Monk took me to. I still don't know why we are here but somehow deep inside my fluttering heart, I know that he just want to have alone time with me so he took me here.

Mr. Monk is such a silent romantic.

"Hmm, go freshen up and get ready in something comfortable. We are going out." Mr. Monk said with the same grim face and walked out of the hotel room.

We reached the hotel booked by Mr. Monk by the early hours of morning and I am getting so excited to visit the whole place. I once heard that Macau is famous for shopping and can get many things at a cheaper rate.

I think I need to buy a toy house to encourage Mr. Monk.

Anyways, he is going to take me out so I am really very happy. I immediately took a quick hot bath and changed into jeans and a loose top, perfect to walk around in.

I wonder where he is taking me. Shopping? Swimming? Surfing?

Argh! I want to jump from tree to tree like a wild monkey in excitement.

Just as I got ready, Mr. Monk walked into my room and looked at me from head to toe with a blank face. I smiled at him cheerfully and walked towards him skipping my steps. Mr. Monk is a shy person, I know, but he is too shy to even show in his face that I look pretty.

I should work on his introvert skills too. Phew... it's like I'm working on emojing a robot!

"I am ready, my Monk. Let's go hit Macau with our awesomeness." I hollered in joy and threw my hands around his neck. He immediately encircled his hands around me preventing me from falling down and breaking my bones.

"Yes, let's go." He announced and walked further down to the reception area of the hotel and I followed him like a Tom behind Jerry.

"Where are we going?" I asked when we got into the elevator. Mr. Monk looked at me for a moment in silence and answered with a silent 'Lunch'

Okay... there is something wrong here. Why was he so moody these days? Is he in post-puberty problems?

"Mr. Monk, don't worry too much and consider jogging every morning." I said in a soft wise tone that even shocked me. I didn't know I can talk like that but it was no wonder when it comes to Mr. Monk. He brings out best in me.

Mr. Monk pulled out the chair for me and occupied the one opposite to me.

"What are you talking about now?" He looked at me with clear confusion.

"Leave it. You are too much moody these days to even understand my concepts. Just go for jogging every morning." I brushed off his question. He doesn't need to know that he was experiencing a late puberty period. It can be quite embarrassing for men and I don't want to make Mr. Monk uncomfortable.

Soon enough, a waiter approached us with two menu cards and gave them to us each. I scanned the whole book and found many tasty pictures of food.

Yum Yum!

"I will have Minchi and egg tarts please." I ordered the tastiest looking food. Mr. Monk ordered some kind of Chinese with pork and wine.

"I need to talk to you, Zinnia." Mr. Monk said once the waiter left. He looked in to my eyes with some kind of strange determination.

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