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Chloe's POV

Yes today we have no dance class! I love dance and Abby but today I was a little sore from practicing the 32 fouttes yesterday.

My phone buzzes and I got a text.

From Paige (my bff) and it reads:

hey chlobird :) come sleepover tonight

I text her : sure, will josh be there?

She texts back: yeah and his super cute friend Derek ;)

I text her : kk I'm on my way.

I grab an abercrombie sweatshirt, jeans, and uggs. Along with everything else you need for a sleepover.

I walk to their house and I ring the doorbell. Josh was at the door! I've had the biggest crush on him forever! My heart almost stopped but I tried to act confident.

"H-hi Josh, what's up?" I said. Did I just stutter?

"Hey Chlo, and nothing much. " he said smiling.

And we just stood there for thirty seconds looking at each other. His amazing baby blue eyes staring into my plain old brown eyes. His perfect blonde hair up in a mini quiff, along with his adorable face just made me melt. My hands were getting sweaty.

Then Paige came and grabbed me. Thank god she finally stopped this weird staring thing.

Josh's POV

I was just sitting in my room waiting for Derek to come. As I was browsing my phone, I noticed I put Chloe in my contacts list, next to her name was a heart. Yea, I have a crush on Chloe. Paige knows, Brooke knows, even my mom knows!

Derek is my best friend and one of my teammates on the hockey team. I got bored on my phone so I went to annoy Paige because she has a huge crush Derek. The doorbell rang and Paige was too lazy to answer it. Brooke was practicing her chinstand and mom was cooking. So I went to get it.

It was Chloe! I almost had a heart attack being the fact I wasn't prepared to face that beautiful girl with perfect blonde hair and brown shiny eyes. I tried to be as cool as possible.

"H-hi Josh, what's up?" I said. Aw how cute, she stuttered.

"Hey Chlo, and nothing much. " really you doofus? Is that all you could say?

Then something weird happened. We started staring into each others eyes for like 30 seconds. I can stare into those beautiful eyes all day. I wonder if she felt the spark like I did.

Then Paige just interrupts and kidnaps Chloe.