Listen to the beat of my heart- One Direction Fan Fiction (Louis)

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This is the story of a girl and a boy. A love story.

Hailey Armstrong and Louis Tomlinson were friends, best friends. But that was a long time ago.

They did everything together, but then something terrible happened.

Hailey had always been a bit hard of hearing but no one had ever thought anything of it. Then one day Hailey and Louis were going down to the shops together and had to cross a road.

A big truck was coming by, Hailey couldn't hear it. She went to cross the road, Louis ran out to save her. He grabbed her and pulled her back just before she was hit. They went back to their mothers and explained what had happened.

Their mothers were extremely shocked and asked why had Hailey went to cross the road when there was a big truck coming by. Hailey explained that she hasn't heard it. That's when Haileys mum realised something was up.

She took her to the ear doctor for a check up. The doctor clarified that Hailey was half deaf and that she could become fully deaf without an operation.

Hailey wanted to take the operation, but her mum wouldn't let her. Hailey had no idea why.

But that was a long time ago, Hailey was six when this all went on. Now she is 20, the same as Louis. She watched him having fun in the x factor while she stayed at home, with no social life or friends. Her mother and father had home schooled her and now she just wanted to get out into the world, express herself, have an operation to make her hearing work again and most importantly, Find Louis.

This is the diary of Hailey Armstrong and her life.

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