Chapter 54

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It was Sunday evening and I was walking in the gardens behind the manor, wringing my hands, trembling, trying not to think too much; impossible. Sebastian had led me outside to get some fresh air, instead of wearing a line in the carpet of my room, while I nervously paced. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to die. I wanted to live. I didn't know what I wanted anymore. How had I never known about this? So this was what it had all meant. Everything that I had over heard. "'Does she know?' 'No' 'Have you succeeded then, already?'" Oh god, I was going to faint. Strong arms came around me, holding me against a steel chest. I swallowed, closing my eyes, trying to fight the tunnel vision that came over me.

I had so many thoughts, moments coming to my mind. "No screwing around, Sasha." It was no wonder he had been so adamant about that. He wanted to make me his Bride. His incubator for his brood army; securing his power over the underworld. Sebastian started stroking my hair as a sob escaped me. "Shhhh, Sash." Was this what Darius' tone had implied about Beth when Viktor had asked how she was; when he had said 'very well?"' Was Beth pregnant with Darius' offspring? Was that why she had been locked away; to protect her now that she was of age and possibly carrying Darius' child, since she would be a target? Was Viktor going to lock me away as well?

I almost fainted again and I felt Sebastian bend down and pick me up, slowly walking us back up into the manor, to my room. He laid me down on the great black bed and held me. I hadn't stopped trembling since finding out. The brothers had come to check in on me often and I had let them hold me, not saying a word. They were so worried about me; all three of them were almost going out of their minds as much as I was. They however, had the blessing of naivety; of not knowing while they worried. At least they could sleep. That might not be the case, in a day or two.

Sebastian and I had communicated inside his mind when we needed to speak; we couldn't risk being overheard by the brothers. We had tried to guess at how far along I was but so little was really known about it because my condition was so rare that we had little to go on. For all we knew, it could have been Viktor's from before I had even come to Mysteryspell or from this last weekend. He was probably the one person in all of this mess that actually knew what was going on; what he was doing. I began sobbing again and Sebastian's arms tightened around me, as he turned to lay on his side, tucking me under his chin.

I heard a knock on the door and Sebastian answered for me. I heard them come in the room; my crying was tearing them up inside. I felt the covers pull on the bed as they climbed on the bed to be near me. Sebastian released me and I started to panic, before another set of strong arms turned me around and pulled me to his broad chest. I felt another brother slide in next to me, a third sitting on the edge of the bed. "God, Sasha, please tell me how I can help. I'm going crazy," Nicolae whispered right above my head. My tears were soaking his tunic. I was still crying but managed to get out, "You can't save me from this, not this time. All you can do is hold me."

So he did, the rest of the night, along with the others who stayed close. The following morning was a Monday, so Nicolae agreed to stay with me while the other three had to go to the college. We hadn't moved all day; not until my cellphone started ringing on the nightstand. Nicolae looked at it and answered it. "Viktor." I stiffened at his name and my trembling went up significantly. "I apologize, she is across the manor helping with Lorie at the moment and I heard her cell ringing. Things are going well, though it has only been a couple of days. We will be going out to scout out the houses tomorrow. Yes, Viktor. I'll be sure to tell her and will give your love to Lorie. Yes, Viktor."

He set the phone down and pulled me closer to him. "Sasha, you should probably try to feed darling. I know you're upset but you haven't fed since you got back right?" I shook my head, clarifying that I had fed on Sebastian a couple days ago. I felt sick with worry and had no desire to feed and I told him so. He was worrying about me again in his mind but didn't force the issue. It was almost the end of the day, when my cellphone started ringing again. Nicolae reached over for it and looked at it. He handed it to me and I saw that it was Sebastian. My heart picked up double time and fear began seeping out of my pores as I brought the phone up to my face.

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