Chapter Six: The Farm

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The next morning Val, Grant and I gather in my room with a small breakfast to plan our next move. Mom had gone all out this morning with bacon, eggs and even toast. Val was now dressed in some of my sisters clothing, a loose fitting maroon top and a pair of jeans. She looks normal, comfortable in this setting. Nothing like she did in the large dress she had worn in the castle.

                "I think we should visit Harry's family first." Grant starts as he stuffs an entire egg into his mouth, the yolk dripping down his chin. He wipes it up with his fingers and licks them clean.

                "What about the West End Witch?" Val questions neatly cutting her eggs into tiny bites. I'm sure table manners were a requirement at her dinners; not that my mom didn't insist on table manners. Grant just refused to have them.

                "We have no idea where she even is. Harry's family can give us an idea where to look."

                Val clicks her tongue unhappily, but I can't deny Grant's logic. I take another bite of toast as they argue back and forth over whose right, I see no point in interrupting. They continue to argue until I take the last bite of my breakfast and I push my plate away with a sign.

                "Grant's right." I say as Val gives another annoyed click of her tongue. Yeah, that's not going to get annoying. "Look, we have no idea where to start and we can't just go gallivanting around the Kingdom with the Princess. You might have a new hair cut but it doesn't make you unrecognizable. Besides, I'm projecting before we go anywhere crazy."

                Grant leans back crossing his arms with a smug look on his face and Val rolls her eyes which only makes his smirk bigger. Not even twenty-four hours together and they are already driving me crazy. What did I get myself into?

                "What do you mean projecting?" Val questions, reminding me that I hadn't been planning on telling her everything I can do but it's too late now. I have no option but to trust her with this information just as I trusted her with my family.

                My voice drops to a whisper as I explain my abilities the best I can; she listens intently rubbing the spell book in the middle of the table thoughtfully. The bedroom door opens and Val nearly falls to the floor as she rushes to hide the book. My youngest sister bounces in the room and onto Grant's lap wrapping her arms around his neck.

                Jules' hair is pulled back from her face in a braid that makes her look more like a five year old then almost nine. She stares at Val curiously, almost like she's never seen an older girl. Grant whispers something in her ear and her face breaks out into a wide smile, hazel eyes sparkling with mischief. She nods and Grant easily picks her up and carries her out of the room.

                Grant might be a pain in the butt to most of us but for Jules he shows his sweet side. Those two are basically attached at the hip, at least when he's home. It's amazing how often I catch him dressed up playing tea party with her. I hear Julie giggling down the hall and I notice Val's face is bright red with embarrassment.

                "You have a lot of cool tricks up those sleeves." Val says turning away as she readjusts her bag's strap.

When we finally exit the woods surrounding my home the world opens up in a clearing that you can see for miles. No doubt it would have been hard to hide our bunker doors out here. Even though we live out here we still have no idea where the hollows hide during the day; not that we had ever searched them out either.

                I shouldn't say that; Grant used to beg me to go hollow hunting but that was one thing that I absolutely refused to do.

                Grant leads chattering away and I rub my arm gently. He had punched me right before we left the house for fraternizing with the enemy, apparently Val is the enemy, but has no problem doing the same thing. He is definitely a bit of hypocrite, but I'm going to let it slide. I don't think Val is our enemy.  There's a kindness behind her blue eyes that does not mirror her father's cold ones.

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