Chapter 53

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I swallowed, listening to the sound through his mind, his wolf ears pressed to me. I was frozen; shock taking over my entire system. What was that? Was I wrong but did that sound like . . . "Sebastian?! What-," I left off as I listened to his mind. He leaned back from me, but didn't let me go as he looked up into my eyes. He couldn't say anything but his mind confirmed exactly what it was for my mind. I suddenly felt like the world was spinning around me, that I couldn't breathe as I almost fell. Sebastian's hold on me, his arms going up my back to support me, was the only reason I didn't fall to the floor. "Hey, easy there, Sasha," he said in a soothing tone. "Just come over here and sit down," he said, practically carrying me to the couch in the back of his office.

I was in a daze; a fogged place. How could this happen? Was this a nightmare? "Hey, Sasha, shhhhh," Sebastian said as he stroked my head. I blinked and couldn't focus on him. "Shit, Sasha, hey! You're seriously going into vampiric shock or something. Damn," he whispered. "This is the point where I'd try to get you to drink a soda or something if you were human, but that wont help you. Ummm," he whispered again. "Jeeze, ok, can you feed?" I wasn't sure if I reacted on the outside at all, even if I heard his words. "Sash!" I finally looked at him and he looked relieved and asked again, "Can you feed?" I nodded and he held me close, encouraging me to bite down on him to feed. The blood hit my system, reviving it, allowing me to take a deep breath and slowly my mind began to clear from the shock. Almost.

Sebastian was rubbing my back as he held me, holding me, encouraging me to take what I needed from him. I felt better, so I stopped feeding on him, but I stayed there in his arms, soaking up his embrace. Oh my god. How could this even happen? I had never even heard of our kind being able to reproduce. Oh god, was I carrying Viktor's child? "Seb," I whispered, feeling like I was sinking under again. "Seb, does this mean I'm pregnant with Viktor's baby?" He sighed. "I am!?" I started bawling and he said, "Calm down, Sasha. Let me explain and we will see if we can get this figured out, ok?" I tried to suck up my tears, to calm down so he could explain things to me before I lost it fully.

"It's not common knowledge, Sasha, but vampires can reproduce under the right circumstances. Younger vampires cannot and usually don't know this about their kind," he said as he looked in my eyes. "But you do?" I drawled out sarcastically. He flashed me a look of irritation, that also seemed to say 'you do know who you're talking to right?' I got a sheepish look saying, "Ok! I'll keep my mouth shut and let you explain." He gave me a nod. "The Originals discovered a long time ago that vampires can, in fact reproduce with their own kind, but only under the right circumstances.

"Vampires can mix with humans at anytime, but breeding a full-blood vampire is more difficult. The female vampire has to be old enough and she has to have consumed ample amounts of vampiric blood during mating to conceive. It's why female vampires are rare, especially older ones. They used to be more common but when the underworld wars broke out, they ended up being destroyed by males as vengeance, etc. against one another. Destroy the Bride, destroy the brood, destroy the power hold. You're old enough simply because you were well hidden; kept secret by Viktor.

"Young vampires, in vampiric terms, cannot conceive. I believe this is why Viktor had no issues sending you out on missions to use you, while he waited for you to be old enough to," he cleared his throat before continuing, "to breed." "You're saying that he wasn't really using me to further his underworld, but was biding his time until he could make me his Bride, so he can breed offspring with me?" "I would say both. He used you that way to gain power and now that he has power and you are of age to have children, he's going to switch your purpose to that. It's why he doesn't want you 'fooling around' while you're here. It's why he wants you drinking exclusively from him in the future, once you're his Bride.

"If a female vampire is older and is feeding on a male and mating with him, it's possible to conceive a vampiric child that will grow to adulthood. Vampiric children that are created, like Lorie, will never advance; but vampiric children that are born will." "But why me? Why not his dozens of 'distractions' over the years?" Sebastian thought for a long minute and then answered, "It all comes down to power for Viktor. He killed and took the others' power, correct? But you, you're more useful to him alive. You're extremely gifted and that gifting will most likely be passed down to any offspring. Viktor looks at you and he see's the perfect compliment to the gifting that he would pass down to his. Imagine a brood of vampiric children, with both of your powers, that are loyal to Viktor and twisted and evil like him; a brood to do his bidding. His hold on the underworld would never be threatened again.

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