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"MINHO. WICKED HAS HIM HERE. WE'RE LOOKING FOR A WAY IN." EXPLAINED NEWT. It seemed like Gally realised the importance of the 'issue' they had as disbelief crossed his face. "I can help with that. Follow me." he stated as he turned around. "I'm not going anywhere with you." declared Thomas while crossing his arms.

"Suit yourself. But I can get you through those walls." explained Gally. Even if it was quite hesitant, the group still followed Gally. "After the maze I got picked up by a group headed to the city. They realised I was immune, patched me up and brought me here. To Lawrence. His troops have been at war with WICKED ever since they took control of the city. WICKED can't hide behind those walls forever. Day's gonna come and they're gonna pay for what they've done."

The boy with the buzzcut stopped suddenly, "Listen. He doesn't get a lot of visitors so let me do the talking. Alright? Try not to stare." Thea did not know what to expect now. "Try not to stare" didn't really tell them for what they had to prepare.

The group entered a different room which was covered with fewer flowers and vines. In the middle of it stood a man who was visible due to the sunlight which shone through a window. He mumbled some inaudible things before he said, "Gally." with surprise in his voice. "Glad to see you made it back. Jasper told me what happened."

"It was a slaughter. There's nothing we can do against those guns."

"No, but they can only poke the hornets so long. Before they get stung." Lawrence smelled at a rose. "Now, who are these people? Why are they here?"

"We need to get into WICKED. Gally said you could get us behind the walls." explained Thomas as he politely stepped forward.

"Gally should know better than to make promises he can't keep. Besides, that wall are only half your problem. Getting inside WICKED is impossible."

"There might be a way now. But it doesn't work without Thomas." argued Gally. The group did not know what way Gally meant but it sounded like an option.

"Is that so? You know what I am, Thomas. I'm a businessman." Lawrence whispered the last sentence as he neared Thomas. Lawrence was a man without a nose. It seemingly was cut off, leaving a triangle shaped space. One of his eyes was white and half off his face was partially burnt of and torn apart. "Which means that I don't take unecessary risks... why should I trust you?"

"So I can help you. You see if you can get me through those walls, I'm gonna get you what you need."

"What is it that you think I need?"

"Time. Every last drop." Thomas spoke about the liquid which kept Lawrence alive, there was not much left anymore in his bag. The man glanced at his bag where the blue liquid was contained.

"Is that what I need?"

"WICKED has something we both want."

"I tell you what. Three can go for now. The rest stays down here with me. I am still a little unsure, it makes sure that you find your way back. We have a deal?" Lawrence held out his torn up and rather bony hand to Thomas. Three could go and the rest had to stay, what a deal. The brunette boy accepted the deal. "Gally will show you the way."

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