"That girl who's bent over, tying her shoes. Who is she?" I kept my gaze on her nice behind as I bit my lip.

"That's Harley Thomas. Don't even bother with her, she's so annoying." He groaned as he leaned back into the wall and stared at the girls.

I swallowed hard as I awkwardly felt myself sicken. I just checked out my foster sister. And as soon as she stood straight and momentarily turned around to do a quick stretch, I knew I regretted where I let my eyes wander to.

"Jesus Christ." I scoffed, scowling at her face. She served, rather excellently but I didn't particularly care right now.

"You don't think Mr Llew... Mr Llew..." I couldn't pronounce his stupid fucking name if my life depended on it.

"You don't think Mr Llewellyn what?" That's how you said it? This Country and their dumb Welsh names would be the death of me.

"He's not going to call our parents, is he?"

"Why would he? We only got caught smoking. It's no big deal, I mean, we are legal."

"Just making sure," I breathed calmly. "I don't know what my foster parents would do. They're so fucking religious."

He let out a deep chuckle before coughing slightly. "Be thankful your parents aren't like Harley's. They're crazy."

I stayed silent after that as I decided not to inform him that my new parents were in fact Harley's.

"Hey, you want a racket?" Someone's hands grabbed my shoulders and shook them. I glared and snapped my head toward them, my nostrils flared in confusion as the blonde haired guy, Niall passed one to me.

"I don't want to play." I spoke, but he shook his head with a smirk.

"We're not gonna play, we're just gonna hit everyone with shuttlecocks." He giggled deviously, and with that he sat next to me and dragged a humongous bucket full of shuttlecocks.

"Come on, don't be like that. It's distracting." Clyde spoke although he said it in between laughs. I shrugged, grabbing a shuttlecock and focusing my aim.

Where should I hit it? Or... Who should I hit? I didn't want to get into even more trouble, I couldn't risk having a phone call 'home'. Ah, fuck it.

I hit it, aiming right for that other girl first, Harley's friend. It successfully hit her in the back of her big head and she quickly turned around in dismay. I put my racket down, aimlessly gazing at the ceiling as I smiled innocently. This was pathetic and childish, but it was the most fun I've had since I've been here.

I huffed tiredly and began hitting her again, watching her look around in frustration. I smirked deviously but suddenly she let out a high pitched scream.

"Who the hell is throwing shuttlecocks at me?" She screamed, and Harley's eyes went wide. I clasped a hand over my mouth to try and hide my laughter, but suddenly her eyes caught mine with an intense glare.

I placed the racket down as she angrily stormed over in a hurry, her eyes ready to pop out of her circular head. "Stop."

"Stop, what?" I tried to play dumb.

"You know what!" She yelled loudly, and the other guys on the bench flinched in dismay.

"Harley, don't. You're embarrassing yourself in front of everyone."

Her fingers raised to her forearm, scratching herself. "No. Don't try and make this my fault! You think you're so innocent? What was that phone call about, Harry? The day you moved into my house?"

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