I go to church school btw so I'm literally going to describe this place just like it is with me ok

"Everyone down the sport's hall in two minutes. We're playing badminton!"

I tied my laces securely as they tended to become loose, resulting in me tripping over every once in a while. I huffed tiredly, standing straight and tugging my red polo shirt down over my stomach.

"I'm going to kill myself."

"What?" I breathed in confusion as I glanced at Devon, where the timid voice was coming from.

"Just... P.E." She groaned and grasped hold of a a badminton racket from the stand. I took one also, doing quick jogs on the spot as I prepared myself.

I tightened the grip that my scrunchy had around my hair, taking deep breaths as I walked out of the changing rooms and down the corridor with Devon.

"Ready for this game." I nodded my head along with my words as she rolled her eyes.

We entered the sport's hall and set up the posts and took our shuttlecocks (A/N: don't) before getting into position. "Okay, I can do this."

"Harley, you serve." Devon passed me the shuttlecock. I nodded, eyeing the other two girls opposite us who didn't seem as eager and Devon and I. Well, just me then.

"Woah, Harley. What happened to your leg?" She gasped in shock as I frowned in visual confusion.


"The back and side of your leg, it's covered in cuts. Like, they're weird."

I rolled my eyes as I turned my leg back and glanced down below, noticing a few scrams or some sort that were just under my behind which oddly led to my thigh.

"What the..." I trailed off, but then I widened my eyes. "Ew! Devon, this is from when you made me climb a tree to try and find a signal on your phone when we got lost in Cyfartha park! I fell down and twisted my ankle, remember? I cut all my leg."

"Oh, yeah. I remember," She laughed at the thought of it. "Okay, serve."

I pulled my shorts down a little more after that. I couldn't believe they were still there. As I took a swing I was interrupted by a harsh roar of yelling behind me, causing me to drop my racket. I gasped, turning around as six male figures along with the p.e teachers came storming in.

"Sit on that bench, all of you. Don't you dare move, I'll be right back!" Mr Llewellyn barked.

I shook my head in disbelief as I noticed Harry among them, his head down as he took out his phone. Gosh, someone was going to see him and confiscate it. The other four were sort of familiar, I always saw them smoking around the back. Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall I think. The last one was definitely someone who I'd never forget for as long as I lived. His short, medium brown hair and eyes was overwhelming for me, and so was his impressive height. His name was Clyde Miller.

"Harley, are you going to serve or not?"

I was snapped out of my thoughts as Devon nudged beside me. I nodded, coughing awkwardly before glancing down at my racket. Are you kidding me? My shoes were untied again!

*Harry's Pov*

I scrolled through my texts, hoping someone from England would text me back but no one really seemed to acknowledge me. I rolled my eyes and switched it off before I raised my head, my stare caught on something spectacular.

"Whose arse is that?" I murmured with a smirk.

The guy sat next to me with the short brown hair and crooked smile inched closer. Was his name Clyde? "Huh?"

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