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"YOU'RE WELCOME." SPOKE BRENDA BEFORE SHE TURNED AROUND AGAIN. "Don't get your hopes up. The checkpoint back there that was the cities last defense. If that was all run over, chances are the city is too." spoke the grey haired man. "Yeah, let's figure out some other way to keep the cranks out." commented Newt as he looked out of the window and that was when Thea saw it too.

Jorge stopped the car immediately so all the passengers could climb out. There it was. The last city stood there right before their eyes. It was an enormous city with many high buildings - skyscrapers to be exact - and a big wall surrounding it. "Funny, we spent three years trapped behind walls trying to break out and now we wanna break back in." scoffed the blond boy with a sarcastic undertone.

"Yeah, it's hilarious." added Frypan. "Totally. Three years of losing people and now we want to do the opposite. Great." spoke Thea as she scoffed at the sight of the city, so that's where they have been hiding. "Jorge, how do we get in?" quizzed Thomas to Jorge who looked at the enormous city.

"Don't look at me, hermano. Those walls are new. I guess that's WICKED's answer for everything." responded Jorge as he folded his deep black gloves. "Well we ain't gonna figure it out from up here." pointed Brenda out while crossing her arms."Let's go."

It was decided, they would drive closer to the last city even if it was indeed very very stupid in many ways. They entered the outside area of the walls. Many people walked through the streets while speaking in loud tones or doing something. It looked like some kind of market place. Thea walked a bit behind Newt with her hand laced in his as they pushed through the crowd of people.

She could hear slight things of what Jorge had just said but not much as the man was partially inaudible due to the loud noise of the crowd surrounding the. Someone yelled through a megaphone some things none of them understood. "This seems fishy to me." spoke Thea as she walked with Newt. "Yeah, it does." agreed the boy.

The group looked behind them to see many cars coming closer to them. On those cars were people with guns, some kind of special force. People raised their hands into the air as a sign of support. One guard looked at them weirdly as if he was confused or shocked. It gave Thea a weird feeling in her stomach.

Thomas stared after the guard with a mistrusting look on his face. Some kind of drones flew over them making Thea looked up as those drones hovered above them before they flew away. What was going on? The group walked through some kind of passageway until they arrived outside again. Thea felt very uncomfortable as she saw the guards on two of her sides, they were following them.

Newt also saw them as he glanced at Thea with an uncomfortable glance. Those guards were definitely up to something. Both of them still followed the rest of the group until they were right in front of the walls. It was huge and grey with defenses on it.

"That's it. That's our way in." spoke Thomas as he led them near the walls. The crowd surrounding the wall was big and protesting loudly. Thea looked around until she spotted the same guard again who this time pushed through the crowd towards them. "Newt." she tapped the boy in questions' shoulder. He turned around and spotted the guard coming closer.

His eyes widened slightly as he pulled Thea with him towards Thomas and the others. "Hey, guys we've got to go now. Look." hurried Newt as soon as the two of them arrived. "Come on." exclaimed Thea as she saw the guard coming closer and closer. As soon as the group turned around to go a loud noise came from the wall quieting the crowd down.

They all turned around again to look at the walls. People started to back away as they realised what was happening, WICKED was going to shot at them. Screams erupted from the crowd as everybody tried to get themselves to safety. It was a run or die situation. The first shot was fired resulting a big explosion.

Thea ducked down immediatly and got up again to run away. "Go! Go!" boomed Thomas as the group ran for their lives. Many shots were fired after the first one, all of them hit different spots. One shot hit a spot close to Thea as she almost got knocked off her feet. Pieces of stone and rubble flew near her as she held her hand in front of her so she would at least not get hit by all of it, it was little defense.

Thea ran a little behind Newt as they entered the alleyway. A big explosion erupted in the street behind them which shook the ground below them. The outside of the city was a pure mess. Thea looked beside her to make sure that Newt was still there, she just needed to know. She saw besides her to see him getting grabbed by a man. "Hey!" she yelled as she hit the man - more specifically a guard.

Arms grabbed her from behind and lifted her into the air away from Newt. She struggled in the strong grip as she was alongside Newt lifted into a car. Guards sat on the other side of them as Thea, Newt and Frypan sat in silence. Jorge sprung up and started to beat up one of the guards who was unfortunately for him in the back with them.

Soon the car stopped moving and the back door was opened. Jorge and the guard fell out as Jorge continued to beat him up. Two men grabbed Thea which resulted in Newt shouting, "Let her go!" The guards let the glenner go as she held up two hands to show that she surrendered. Newt - who was at this point besides her- also held his hands up as they watched Jorge.

"Where is she?" boomed the man. Brenda rushed to Jorge, "I'm here! I'm right here." to calm him down and to stop him from completely beating up the guard. The others also rushed forward to seperate Jorge from the guard put got pushed back by guards as soon as they moved. "Okay. Okay." mumbled Thea as she moved back.

"Everybody relax. We're all on the same side here." spoke the guard who followed them. The blond girl glanced over to Newt who had a concentrating face expression as if he was trying to figure something out. "What do you mean same side? Who the hell are you?" asked Thomas angrily.

The guard pulled his face mask off to reveal himself. He had a buzzcutt and interestingly shaped eyebrows. Judging from the face expression of Newt, Thea assumed that they knew him. "Hey, greenie." spoke the guard. Was 'greenie' a nickname for Thomas?

"Gally?" Thomas was utterly confused at that point as his eyebrows furrowed together as he stepped forwards carefully. The guard knew them, that's why he followed them. Gally was his name. Newt looked over to Frypan in disbelief and Frypan looked back at Newt with as much disbelief on his face. Thea just looked even more confused than Thomas, what was going on now? Now she knew how they felt when she met Harriet and Sonya again.

That was Gally, the guy who was supposedly like Beth but he didn't really seem so bad. Those things confused Thea as Thomas stumbled forwards and punched Gally immediatly. He wanted to beat the latter up. The rest of the group stumbled forward to this time seperate Thomas from Gally. The british boy ran forwards, "Stop! Stop, stop it. Stop." "He killed chuck." muttered the brunette with slight anger. Who was Chuck?

"I remember, I was there too. And I also remember that he was stung and half out of his mind." commented Newt in order to calm Thomas down. "Just calm down." Thomas got up with slight anger in his body language. Newt stood besides Thea again who looked at him with a very confused face expression.

"Kinda had that coming." said Gally as he rubbed his jaw. "Anybody else? Fry? Newt?" "This is Gally? Wasn't he supposed to be-" "-dead. Yes." Newt finished Thea's sentence. He seemed just as confused as she was.

"H-how? H-how is this possible, I don't- we watched you die." stated Newt in pure disbelief, he demanded answers. "No you left me to die. If we hadn't found you when we did, you'd be dead right now." explained Gally. "What the hell are you doing here?"


I finally got to introduce Gally. God, he deserves so much more love. Poor Thea is as confused as ever she thought Gally was mean but he doesn't really act like someone very mean.

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