THE SAME DUALITY~ Erotic Love Poem by Strider Marcus Jones from MAVERICKS

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those long summer days,

spent lazing

and grazing

under your pink umbrella,

smoking pipe and panatella-

with your heats haze,


and streaming

on my lips

and far in fondling fingertips.

mind floating,

in your fluffy fissured moat

of cerebellum,

where its sepal boats

of words and phrases spoke

wearing different coats

of personality

set down on my vellum,

raising our reality

to share the same duality.

those even strokes,

so unrehearsed

on solitary senses,

were more than promissory notes-

though fate cursed

without pretences.

i look inside now

and wonder how

fate can be both so set and random,

and why the two, so often, co-exist in tandem.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones MAVERICKS. 26th June, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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