Chapter 10

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Forgiving Him

Ayesha's POV

Oh my God!! A thief?? What to do??  I tried to wake up Vani but the next instant I regretted for doing so because as soon as I stirred her she said,  " Oh come on, let me sleep. I am tired as hell. "

Oh shit!! Well the thief must have heard that. But wait, why is he still wandering outside? Maybe Vani's voice was not loud enough to reach his ears. I sighed.

There's no use of waking up Annie cause I know very well that she's not even gonna budge a little. She's the kumbhakaran ( A demon in Indian mythology who sleeps for 6 months continuously) of this era.

I can't even go and wake up mom. What if the thief sneaks into this room while I am away. What if he hurts vani and Annie?


Now I have to deal with him. I pick up a vase from the nearby stand and walk towards the verandah door.

Girl power..  Girl power....  Girl power...  This is what I have been chanting to myself since last few minutes.

I opened the door and started twirling the vase around me until a strong pair of hands caught mine.

The next moment I was pinned to the wall. It was him... Yeah!!  No brownie points to guess that it was Mr jerk.

He was looking at me with wide eyes.  Looks like I scared him.

" Easy woman, just stay easy...." He said looking straight into my eyes. He had caged me between him and the wall by his hands.

He has a muscular body and is looking amazing in his suit. Geez... Ayesha stop ogling at him. It's not the correct situation. I pushed him back again like I did this morning.

But this time he did not stumble back. Maybe he was already prepared for my action.

"Why weren't you picking up my calls??  How dare you to ignore me? I was so worried of you.. Do you even have any idea of that?? " He said through gritted teeth. He was breathing very fast so it means.....  that he is angry.

And as you already know guys that Neil never thinks about his surroundings whenever he is pissed off.

"Answer me damn it!  Has cat caught your tongue??" He said shaking me by my shoulders.

The audacity of this man... How dare he question me like this when he knows very well that what he has done to me???

I jerk his hand off my shoulders. 
"Why the hell do you care? Who am I to you huh??  I am not bound to answer your calls. Now shoo,  back off. " I said shooing him away.

"Who you are to me???" This time he shouted on the top of his voice.

Gosh!! This time I am dead.

" Annie, I always tell you to close the verandah door na. See sounds are coming from outside. " Vanya said.

Oh God!! Please make her sleep again.

" You..." He again started shouting. This time I placed my palm over his mouth. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and then my mind reminded me back about our situation.

" Neil, please don't shout. Everyone will wake up. If someone sees you here then I will land into some big trouble." I replied whisperingly. He chuckled hearing me.

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