Winning The Challenge

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Aryan was worried. He was not eating anymore and though visibly he denied the actual reason. That was the cause. Celena's challenge worried her. Aryan felt himself cry as he thought about it.

Salvatore was late and he had said he would be going for a meeting with Cursovie's. Aryan froze when his phone pinged and a message from an unknown number came. It was Celena's and she had send him a picture of her straddling his husband's lap and about to kiss him and he was sitting there without any resistance.

Aryan felt his heart stop.

"Take that, will send him back in the morning," read the text and Aryan was shivering. He couldn't believe he has become so weak. He cried and cried for the next half an hour and he heard the car stop outside and Salvatore walked in. He looked too furious.

But all Aryan could think was the man not resisting her advances. He probably even slept with her. Aryan couldn't believe he just lost his life, all of it.

His dreams, his life, his future, everything just went to shambles.

He went down and all he Salvatore said was "Don't talk to me now" and went off. He saw the lipstick marks.

Aryan ran out and he took the car and drove to the castle. They were his people too. Caroline was surprised seeing him.

"What happened? Is he okay?" asked Caroline.

Aryan just hugged her and cried.

Caroline and Jack were taken aback but led him to Salvatore's wing.

"What happened?" asked Caroline once Aryan was better. Aryan was laying on her lap and Jack sat in the side warming up Aryan by rubbing his hand on Aryan's who was clamming up.

"He slept with her!," said Aryan and Caroline gaped.

"He did not! Who said that? Whoever said that is lying. I was there," said Caroline.

Aryan looked shaken.

"Don't lie to me, she even sent a picture, there was lipstick on his shirt and he did not even look at my face?" said Aryan.

Caroline sighed.

"That bitch! She drugged her brother and Salvatore. They were drinking and she climbed on top of him and we were all surrounded. But the moment she tried to kiss his neck, he pushed her away even though he was in no capacity to do so. We went and had a de drugging. He was shocked. You know with his history," said Caroline.

"What history? Is it about childhood abuse? ," asked Aryan.

"Sexual abuse. He was even drugged," said Caroline.

Aryan froze.

"He doesn't like being touched by people. He doesn't even let me hold his hand or hug him when we were growing up. She, she did the same thing the second time she kind of slept with him a couple of years before," said Caroline.

Aryan felt his heart freeze.

"I should go home," said Aryan trying to get up.

"No, you are too weak. I think the past week had taken a real toll on you," said Caroline running her hand through his hair.


Salvatore had a bath and came out looking for Aryan. He needed Aryan so much at that moment. He did not even realise how much calming and his rock, Aryan is.

He knew he was curt with him and cursed himself for the pained look he had seen in Aryan's face.

He went and looked around. When Aryan got broody, he is usually curled up like a cat. His heart started beating faster.

He called on Aryan's number and it was not picked up.

Salvatore rushed out and called the guards.

"Don is in the castle, Capo," said Valentino.

Salvatore sighed in relief.

"In your bedroom. Madam Caroline and Jack are with him. He seemed distressed and Madam Caroline has called for a doctor.

Salvatore's heart froze. He found himself running out and driving to the castle. He did not even remember whom all he even waved off at the entrance.

"Don is in your wing," he was told as he rushed up.

He opened the door to his wing. Jack sat in the drawing room.

"How is he?"

"The doctor is inside. He was clamming up. He is okay. Don't worry about it. Did you say something to him because Celena had someone sent him a picture of her trying to seduce you and well as you were on drugs, it looks a bit compromising. And read this text," said Jack as he gave Aryan's mobile phone.

It's official Salvatore was going to kill her.

The doctor came out and glared at Salvatore.

"He could have miscarried you know. Where were you when he worked himself up to full panic mode. He has separation anxiety. He is not fine when you are away Mr Manzoni and it would be good if you can keep that in mind," she said, like a mother talking to a child.

"It will not happen again. Is he okay now? Are they fine now?" asked Salvatore.

"Yes, they are good for now. Just continue the medicines and please sort out whatever this is," said the doctor and left.

Salvatore walked in. He saw Aryan was asleep in Caroline's lap and Jack now sat in the side warming up Aryan's hand.

Salvatore sighed. He knew it wouldn't be considered a weakness if his emotions surfaced before these people.

Salvatore sat on the side and moved hair from Aryan's face.

"I am going to kill her," said Salvatore looking at the drip being given to Aryan.

Caroline looked at him.

"I am going to kill her. No one gets away with hurting our Aryan," said Caroline and Salvatore nodded. She was his second in command and that was not for nothing.

"And I will help you. We almost lost the kiddo and our nephew or niece," said Jack furious.

Salvatore sighed. He knew they considered Aryan their own son or something. Both were in mid 40's and were trying for a kid of their own without success.

He knew both of them and their unborn child means everything to them.

He sat there and waited. And Salvatore realised he had a proper family now. These people who were in this room were the only people he gave an actual shit about.

Caroline and Jack left and then Salvatore laid down next to Aryan.

Aryan stirred and looked at Salvatore who was looking at him.

"How can you even think that I would even touch some bitch when I have you, when you are the most important person to me," asked Salvatore after a few minutes of silence.

"You never said that," said Aryan.

Salvatore just looked at him.

"Now I did, didn't I?" asked Salvatore.

Aryan felt his eyes well up. He lifted himself up and hugged Salvatore. Aryan sighed as he felt Salvatore's arm around him.

"You are mine," said Aryan.

There was silence.

"Yours," nodded Salvatore and bent down and kissed him hard.

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