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The fact that I put cinnamon on my pancakes this morning and it reminded me of her has my head spinning.

I haven't spoken to her since that night, it'd been 3 days. I threw my head back and groaned before flopping on the couch.

I wonder what she was doing?

What. Am. I. Thinking.

I sat up and went to my bedroom to get a shirt on.

I stood in my closet looking at my extreme lack of clothing that all needed to be washed. I had like 3 shirts left.

Fuck shirts, who even needs them.

Maybe I should go to the gym?


Draw something?

Learn Ju-Jitsu?

Literally anything to get my mind off of her.

My phone began to ring.

After seeing the caller ID I got happy as hell.

It was her. I answered without hesitation.

"3 whole days? You're killing me."

I could hear her soft chuckle over the line and I had to contain myself.

"Sorry, I've been busy with the college life. Exams and all that."

"You called me to talk about exams?" I smirked.

"Well if you're gonna give me that attitude then I can just hang u-"

"Don't you dare." I found myself smiling, I knew she was only teasing, but part of me feared she'd actually end the call and I'd be forced to miss her voice.

"Actually, I did call to talk about exams...kinda."

"Oh really?"


I squeezed my eyes shut, if she made that simple sound one more time I was gonna lose it.

"I was thinking maybe I could come over? We could study?"

"I was on board the second you said you wanted to come over," I muttered into the phone.

"Hey, just to study, okay? Don't get any ideas. You're the only  person I know in business class and you have like, straight A's."

"Wait, so you're just using me for my beautiful brain? That's cold, babe."

There was a pause.

"J-Just text me your address, I can be there in like an hour."

"Can't wait,"

I made sure the call was ended.

Then I scanned the room. Every piece of trash or random shreds of clothing. Mis-placed books thrown all over the place. My place was trashed.


I texted the address and quickly threw on a shirt, not caring which one it was. And began to clean like my life depended on it.


I took a deep breath, still holding the phone in my hand.

"I can't believe you got me to do that."

"It was all you, love," Keith laid down across my couch, his phone hovering over his face as he texted.

"You get to meddle in my love life but I don't even get a little gossip about yours?" I pouted.

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