hi you there?

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Roman and Virgil sat there by the fire for a few hours talking about random things. Oso Roman thinks he's crazy because Virgil won't acknowledge the ghost. After a while while Virgil started to nod off.

Roman notice this and gently pushed Virgil so he was leaning against his chest. Virgil was too tired to *^*oh my God I forgot the word*^* say not to do it.
is that understandable what I mean?.

Roman started to run his fingers through Virgil's hair. It was soft and fluffy. And smelled like Wildflower. Virgil started to purrrr as his fell asleep on Romans chest.

He looks so peaceful when he slapped still purring.

Yeah so I got nothing
[Pffffff that's what you get when you don't focus on the store you're making]
Bye guys!

Emily I'm going to get you for this!!!
[ but it's true!]

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