Chapter 23 ~Liam~

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Liked by @niallhoranofficial @harrystyles @louist91 and 7,574,937 more

RealLiamPayne Drag me down is out now!

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harrystyles I hope you all like it, we worked very hard on it.

louist91 I'm excited for you all to finally hear it

niallhoranofficial excited mates!

zayn I'm proud of you love @RealLiamPayne

annetwist I cant wait to hear it!

gemmastyles I've already heard it before all of you and I love it, lovely song

FizzyTommoReal I haven't heard it yet but I know I'll love it!

LarryBitch I just watched it, its fucking amazing!

OneDirectionYA been waiting forever to hear this!

LARRYALLTHEWAY this is amazing, I feel like a proud mother.

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