Chapter 32

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After hours of discussion and arguing back and forward, here we are, in a secluded area of the woods just outside the pack grounds of Strand, preparing to shock my wolf into existence.

Yep. This is really happening.

I have officially lost it. Call the institution, they were right all along.

But at least this time I am not alone, because Jemma is standing next to me with an expression that can only be described as exhilarated. She really is an adrenaline junky. Argent has conditionally agreed to try this but Jemma must be shocked first and then we can gage the affect. Only then, if he is satisfied that it is safe-ish, I will go next.

Oh my. What am I doing.

Am I ready for the shift? Am I ready for an electric current running through my body? What will happen when I do shift? If I do? What if I don't?

So many questions. And literally, so little time.

"Right, Konami said we need to start small, little shocks to awaken her wolf and then build until we cause the shift. Shit. This is crazy."

James is second guessing his decision to help.

The only thing that we could all agree on is that I really do need to shift. When we go to Strand tomorrow, we need to be on guard and it would be much easier if I could be in wolf form. Even if I don't get into an altercation, which I'm sure Argent would never allow to happen, I could at least run away faster in wolf form.

But he is so worried. It's all the unknowns. And the known. He knows how confusing things are when you first shift. The emotions. The senses. It's all an over load and usually, when people begin to shift, its gradual and they have been learning and preparing their whole lives. Not a matter of hours.

Shit. Honestly. I'm scared. But I'm also a little thrilled, other wise there is no way I would be allowing three perfectly sane people to shock me with a jump lead and a wrench. It's the best we could do at short notice and without drawing too much attention to ourselves.

Nothing says normal like asking to purchase equipment to use to electrically shock each other when at the local hardware.

"What are we waiting for... we need to do this before I chicken out." My legs shake as I say this out loud, more for my benefit than everyone else's.

I shoot Argent a look and he shakes his head. I know he is the most unsure about this.

"Ok, are you ready?" Konami speaks over the phone.

"As I'll ever be." Jemma steps up to the metaphorical plate and picks up the metal wrench from the car tyre change kit. James is to her left holding the jumper leads that are attached to the car battery.

"Here goes nothing.. nothing smart anyway." Argent has not let up on the sarcasm since we decided to start this ill fated experiment.

He turns the key in the ignition and the car comes to life.

"Ok, when you are ready, touch the jump lead to the wrench in her hand." Konami says over the phone

"Guys. I have a bad feeling about this." Argent is still behind the wheel and he looks as though he may throw up at any second. He thanks Konami for his help and hangs up the phone. He told us what to do and what to do if shit goes wrong. Now it's up to us.

James inhales a deep slow breath and as he exhales he brings the lead down on to the wrench.

A loud crack sounds out in the field and feels like it is covers us like a blanket. Jemma stands frozen in place, wide eyed, mouth slight ajar, slightly seizing from the power running through her from the connection to the lead.

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