Chapter 22 ~Harry~

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Liked by @niallhoranofficial @louit91 @RealLiamPayne and 6,874,638 more

harrystyles Excited for all of your reactions.😁

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RealLiamPayne I hope the fans like it.

LarryBitch of course we will!

OneDirectionYA I cant wait!

niallhoranofficial I'm hungry and excited

UpNiall'sAss lol Niall,

louist91 come come and cuddle me Hazza before we have to go back to the studio

LARRYALLTHEWAY so so so cute I love them^!

gemmastyles exciting!

LottieTomlinson well, everyone has taken what I wanted to say so congrats!

FizzyTommoReal oh shut up Lottie,

LouTommo ^lol I love Louis sisters

ShawnMendes @niallhoranofficial I'm bringing home food I just got dont with an interview.

niallhoranofficial omfg I love youuu!!❤❤❤😍

ShawnMendes love you too🙄😍

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